How to Un-Send an email on Gmail.

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Hey Warriors,

As Webmasters, Bloggers, Entrepreneurs and Marketers, we tend to spend a lot of time on Gmail.

I personally spend a ton of time on Gmail everyday, reading and sending outreach emails and what not. Recently, I started researching for ways to use Gmail more efficiently as a marketer and here is one of my favorite tips.

Sometimes you look over an important email a million times before sending it and find no mistakes.

You only realize that you had made a horrible mistake in that email seconds after sending it.

This is where this very awesome undo-sending email link comes in. It actually allows you to un-send an email for a few seconds after you sent it.

This new undo button can be an absolute life saver.

Set it up by going to Settings and clicking on Labs.

Scroll down until you find Undo Send, click enable and click Save Changes.

From this moment on every time you send an email, a little notification will popup allowing you to un-send this email for the next five seconds.

So how are you using Gmail efficiently? Any tips that can help you save time or make you a better marketer?
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