So How Many E-mail Subscribers Do I Need?

by James Liberty 7 replies
I'm about to begin building an e-mail list. How many e-mail subscribers do you think I will need in order to earn:

1) $30,000 a year
2) $100,000 a year

I realize that there are a lot of variables here, but what would your best guess be?
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    This really does depend on so many factors.

    But since it sounds like you are starting out, here are a few ideas to help create profits above and beyond the size of your list:
    • Create great, unique highly magnetic products. Not just run of the mill products but innovative products that grab attention.
    • Create relationships with other marketers / entrepreneurs with complementary (not competitive) niches.
    • Start an affiliate program from day 1. You can do it inexpensively at Clickbank or PayDotCom.
    • Learn to conduct a dynamite teleseminar. Lots of free bridge lines to help you do this.
    Here is how all these work together:
    • Contact your larger affiliate partners and other marketing relationships. Do a preview teleseminar for each.
    • Provide their affiliate link for listeners to purchase the products.
    • Provide support for your other affiliates so marketing your product is easy.
    The results:
    • Your preview teleseminars build your list and sell your products at the same time.
    • Your affiliates are jazzed because you make it very simple for them to make money.
    • You leverage other people's lists to make money until your own list is big enough to support you.
    One of the biggest mistakes I made in my business was believing I needed to be a big poo-bah before I could attract affiliates. All you need is a great product their list needs that would be a pain in the ass for them to create themselves. And the ability to convince them big profits are in store when they market your product to their lists.

    If you follow this formula, you will make profits far beyond what the size of your list would suggest is possible.

    Good luck!

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      You might work on the figure of making $1 per subscriber per month but that is such a ludicrously inaccurate figure it's almost worthless.

      The amount of money you make per subscriber will depend on the quality of that subscriber to begin with (someone who has bought a highly targeted product is a far better subscriber than someone who has opted in for free information for example).

      It will also depend on the quality of the relationship you build with your subscribers and how well you deliver valuable content and balance that with the offers you make.

      But based on our fantasy $1 per subscriber per month you'd need:

      2,500 subscribers to make $30,000 a year
      8,500 subscribers to make $100,000 a year

      Of course you'd need enough new subscribers on an ongoing basis to cover the people who unsubscribe in a year.

      And I've seen lists of less than 2,000 that make over $20,000 PER EMAIL and lists of over 50,000 that make less than $500 per email.

      List quality is crucial and that depends on the strategies you use to build your list.

      Kindest regards,
      Andrew Cavanagh
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        how long is a piece of string?

        nothing to see here.

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          1 Billion Subscribers.

          It isn't the size of the list that counts. It is the quality of the list and the relationship you have with that list that matters.
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          Damn, I knew the answer to that one!

          .... 42 ?
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            As many as you can get
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              Out of curiosity, if there was a magic number, would that change your list building efforts? If not, it might be a waste of time to dwell on it.

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