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I know that one of the most suggested manners to gaining viewers on Facebook is to comment and post on other Facebook pages. Now, before the spam haters speak out, I understand that you should not just go around randomly posting non meaningful content on random pages. I take the time to look at the fanpage I am on and post a comment that relates to each and every post; however, from time to time, I'll get the message from facebook stating that it appears I am spamming.

So, does anyone have a set of rules they follow. I see the same usernames out their posting with me and I wonder if they are getting the same message. I think facebook has an algorithm that notes how many posts you are making over a period of time and just assumes you are spamming if you get to that #. However, I'll sit and wait and let time go by and still see the message from time to time.

Or is it just a conspiracy and other pages are just trying to knock off competition by clicking my post as spam. Again keep in mind, I DO NOT post come see my page, I do not advertise my page at all.
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    The BEST way? Hold a Contest on something that people want REALLY bad, but don't want to necessarily pay for. Here's an example. You can hold a contest on the 1st 1,000 likes you will randomly choose 1 person that will receive a Paid product of yours, a major discount on a product, a free MP3 etc.

    Don't stop at 1,000 likes, how about 10,000 likes. Cash always works best. The 1st 10,000+ likes you will choose 1 person to win $100 - $500 - or $1,000/ Think of it this way, what is 10,000 likes worth to your business? Good luck, sometimes it's just as easy as that, get people to engage, share and win something and they'll join you Heck, you could easily take it viral to over 100k likes using this principle.

    Offer a IPad even, but I will tell you one thing. Social Media likes is good, but the point is not to have the most numbers, the point is to turn those numbers into actual profits. What good is 10k likes if all they do is like stuff, get people to buy and if you know how your offer converts, giving away a IPad would be a small investment for a HUGE return
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    With respect it sounds like your trying to figure out how to spam without getting caught. Facebook uses the time between your posts and the number of posts per day to determine if your spamming. If your really reading the page etc then there would be a large gap between your posts, and by default you would not be posting that many posts per day.
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    What I have done in the past was use facebook advertisement platform to initiate a LIKE campaign and then target all those people who have an interest similar to the fan page they will like and visit.
    Try looking at the facebook advertisement platform.
    you will like it alot.
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    I have used paid ads to gain a ton of clicks, but the only other way I have found worthy was to run a contest, you will get a ton of likes.

    Dave Cisneros
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    Promote your Facebook page the way you would promote anything else. In Forums, with your friends on Facebook, your blog, your email list, your website, your affiliate program signup page, etc.
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    You should post images, and not text. They get 3 times more likes and chances are much higher that people will like or even tag your photos. You may have text in your photos and if you combine it with Pinterest, you should get lots of traffic.
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    You can sponsor a small contest on blogs related to your niche and liking your page is must to enter in it. Offer freebies related to your niche and invite them to your fan page to stay connected for latest updates. I am using Facebook like lock plugin on my blog and receiving almost 200+ likes daily.

    I read somewhere that if you you spam others group or pages daily and they are reporting your links than you might loose your page( In last few weeks facebook team deleted lots of pages ( love , jokes etc) and said that they are spamming in other groups).
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    Create a sort of a contest that will catch everybody's attention. The reward system pretty much works until today.
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    Like a lot of relevant pages. Check out fan comments and post replies. Like other peoples comments, but not too many likes in one page / go.

    A better way to do it is to run some FB ads to get likes to your page. This will get the best / high quality likes in not time at all!
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