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Hi all Warrior

I really need you suggestion, what is the cheapest and most efficient way to distribute press release?

a. Using PRweb, but their cost is extremely high
b. Using SBwire that cost $49/month
c. Hire someone from odesk or elance to help distribute my press release?
d. Hire some warriors to help this

With limited budget, which way will you choose and why?

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    PRweb is pretty good. They were just in some hot water for distributing a false press release by accident but everything was cleared up. They are still one of the authorities in the press release game.

    SBwire is also pretty good. I haven't used them though, I've only heard good things.

    Hiring off of odesk or elance can be a gamble. It's kind of like hiring someone from fiverr to do AMAZING backlinks for just $5 lol.

    Of course WF will have some great press release people, but as said by iPresenceBizSolutions, just do your due diligence.
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    Does anyone know how to make sure the press release gets to the people you are targeting as opposed to it just being sprayed all over and being wasted?
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    I would choose doing it yourself.
    This can be the most effective way.
    It may cost some time but just do not watch movies all night and post your press releases.
    Only post a press release that is unique to one site in my opinion.
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      Originally Posted by GamingOn View Post

      I would choose doing it yourself.
      This can be the most effective way.
      It may cost some time but just do not watch movies all night and post your press releases.
      Only post a press release that is unique to one site in my opinion.
      Could you suggest where to submit the press release manually? Is there any list of good and worht PR site?
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        I think you should try Press Release Whirlwind. You can find them in all major IM forums.
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    It really depends on what you are looking for. But since you asked, it looks like you are not in favor of the free PR sites and you're getting serious about getting better values and visibility for your press release.

    When we talk about Paid press releases, we are usually referring to sending your release into wires. That's what the free ones do not have access to. The currently BIG four in the World: AssociatedPress (AP Wire), PRNewswire (PRN), BusinessWire and MarketWire.

    BusinessWire and MarketWire are mostly focused on corporate PRs, earnings announcements and regulatory fulfilments. They are pricey and do not really serve the IM segments.

    For marketers like us, the best choices are AssociatedPress and PRNewswire. You can use WebWire, eReleases, PRLog Advanced and few other companies to reach the PRNewswire. They are the resellers for PRN. Some of them have additional services to position themselves different from others.

    To reach AssociatedPress, you can send your release through PRWeb or MarketersMedia.

    In terms of Press Release Distribution, always look for:

    1) Republication of your press release, aka. Online Pickups. Many times Google will just ignore duplicated pickups, unless you are using some clipping services, you are not going to see the full result of which sites have picked you up. Certain PR services provide a report, including PRWeb and MM. Online Pickups are what most marketers measure how successful a PR campaign is, but this is definitely NOT the real power of press release. Real successful PR aims to get media attention. Both MarketersMedia and PRWeb give you online pickups.

    2) Media Reach. Now this is the purpose of a press release. You want your story to be read by the journalists. Your story can be picked up for further development, including a coverage in newspaper, interviews in Radio/TV and more. Going with an advertising budget to reach this effect can usually cost hundreds of thousands, but doing this via a successful PR campaign can save you lots of money. Most newswires are subscribed by journalists and they do reach the media.

    3) News archive. Mostly unknown to the IM industry, the PR professionals use news archive. You may have heard of clipping services, that's a service to monitor and track news from major publications. Google may not to tracking all the publications or what a journalist read, but news archive is a source journalist will always refer to. Your news should also be syndicated to news archives. For instance, MarketersMedia's news reaches LexisNexis, DowJones' Factiva and Comtex to name a few. 80% of Fortune 500 companies subscribe to Factiva. This means your news will be reach the key decision makers!

    Hope this helps.

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    Try Fiverr, there is a lot of gigs on there promoting exactly this, for a fiverr its got to be worth a shot

    Please do not use affiliate links in signatures

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    Hello first of all i say quality not quantity.So basically many people will go for quantity mainly now a days google is targeting quality rather than quantity.
    Basically in this case i will go for MM i.e marketers media in which u have lots of big companies and news related distribution partners are good.
    So they have quality and also the prices are liberal.

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    I guess doing it by yourself, it consumes some time but costs $0, and more efficient
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    Hello, I just did some research on this, it seems like is a good deal. Albeit, he reviewed the sites and determined he was the lowest, but he can't be the far off.

    If you want to do on more of a broader sense, for content distribution via clicks, my research showed Taboola and outbrain to be pretty cheap on a CPC basis of around .30 CPC.

    Good luck, let me know what ends up being a great deal.
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