Is twitter really useful?

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I have just started on twitter.. tried some stuff and just got 100 visitors in one hour.. but i wonder if twitter really pulls in traffic cause there are sooo many people posting links... twitter looks like spam world to me!... with the speed that im getting follow backs, it looks like all these guys are just interested to increase the lenght of their lists, dont give a rat's ass about what i tell and instead want to pitch their ideas to me.... which is fair.


suppose if i have 10,000 followers.. how much traffic can i expect?
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      Originally Posted by klaxxon View Post


      I use twitter a lot. I want to make in less than 3 months over 10.000 followers. Judging on the testimonials from a few users that have over 10.000 followers, you will be able to send to any link any time you post an update, over 200 - 300 people. Targeted people.

      Imagine if you send those people to a opt-in page, you will get opt-ins very easy.
      If you want follow me @tudor_ciurescu and we talk there more things if you want.

      Please send me a DM and specify that you are from warrior forum, so i will know about you.

      All the best,

      I just followed you Klaxxon.. but I cant see the option to message you :/
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        I think it really depends on how you use the service. I've had an account since last year but really got into Twitter in the last few months. I'm reading a book on it and there's also a great podcast out there. It's real power I think is in and the quality of your tweets. Some people just puke a bunch of links all over there followers. I believe its best to establish trust with your followers first so they know you aren't just trying to sell something.

        DJ Smith | Boise, ID
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    Last week I tweeted a link to my latest blog post and got over 200 visitors to my blog that day. I get most of my traffic from Twitter.

    Here's the thing: You can't JUST tweet links to your blog/site/whatever. Twitter is a social NETWORKING site; people go there to interact and meet other people, not to look at sales pitches.

    I've promoted my OWN products there, but I do about five conversational Tweets to every sales Tweet. If anyone looks at your Twitter home page and sees nothing but Tweets with links to a sales page in them, or even links to your site in them, they are likely to unfollow you.
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      One of the things I like doing is taking photos and sharing them with my followers. That way you build a personal relationship with them. I live in Idaho so I share scenery photos I take. TwitPic is one of the more popular sites for uploading photos and your Tweets. I'd share some links but I haven't posted enough yet. Look for DJInBoise if you want to see some of my photos.

      DJ Smith | Boise, ID
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        I use the metod in my sig file to get more followers on Twitter to market to.It works instantly.

        Please read the sig file rules

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    thank you for the useful info guys....
    i will surely pay heed..

    ps: im on 215 followers now....

    for some reason, my following is stuck on 650 and twitter wont let me add more?
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    Twitter has a algorythm (I dont know it) that will limit people you can add.
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    I believe any resource that has the power to commicate with a vast majority can increase your traffic ratings. Currently I got 600 followers follow me and I get about 40 responses (clicks) every time I tweet about a new post I made. I believe if you ever get to 10,000, it can of course be very beneficial in generating traffic and promoting affiliates.
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    that does sound very promising albert... btw, im on 310 followers now...
    10,000 wont be easy i guess
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    As with most things the hardest part is getting those first 500-1000, once you have those it's all about giving great value to your followers - they will do the rest, that and big numbers always attract more people.


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    Absolutely it is useful, but need to fine tune your approach to get the best bang outta your list of followers. Blatant spam isn't the answer you're looking for.
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    yea guys.. thats the thing... my list is not very targetted yet... im just trying methods to quickly get the followers.... what im doing now is sendign them urls to interesting artlicles or something really cool....

    i will start targetting from tomorrow...
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    I have just over 10k on one of my twitter accounts, and I get about 60-70 views a day to my site. On days that I put up a new blog post, I get about 200-300.

    Twitter is tough to deal with, you really can't just sell there directly. It is such a spam-fest as is that people generally have become immune to those kinds of pitches. It does work pretty well to build up your online personality however.
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    If you can build a list of followers that are ACTUALLY regular readers of their twitter post, then sure. A catching headline will always garner some visitors to a link.
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    It mainly depends upon the service U use.. But heard reveiews that it can prove to be very useful. Google up a bit, and u can get many online reviews.
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    Getting a lot of followers is good, but even better is getting a lot of targeted followers. If you're trying to sell something in the IM niche, for example, you might not get a lot of response if most of your followers are.. say.. musicians or political activists and have little or no interest in IM.

    Like others have said, be conversational, try to connect with people.. don't just spam links to your blog or your sales pages. Every once in a while, try to say something interesting enough that a few people will retweet (or offer some sort of "ethical bribe" to retweet). When someone retweets, they're sending your message with a link to your Twitter profile to all of their followers.. some of those people may decide to visit your profile and follow you.

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    I can say twitter is incredibly useful for my works. Whenever i post to my sites and it gets fed into twitter i get instant eyes looking at my products or information.
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      Twitter really is a social networking and followers don't like a profile who have lots of links that sounds that the person is using twitter for selling a product. We must think the outcome first before we do those things.
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    I have been a twitter member for quite some time now. And I would say that I am very satisfied with what it has to offer. I have a a number of followers with same niche, established a good relationship with them. Twitter works for me well. I hope you can find what you need so you can be satisfied with twitter as well.
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    Hi Guys!

    thanks for tha good posts,i will try to get tweet to work and make usefull.



    Free eBook, Step by Step How to Make Your First Website.

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    Twitter is not just just about getting lots of followers, its about improving relationships with existing customers, future customers, partners and future partners. Simply having 10,000 "random" followers won't do much for your business. But 10,000 true followers will.
    Click Here For My Free 3 Part Video Training On High Performance and Achievement (The same strategies I teach my clients (which include top sales agents, internet marketers, authors, musicians and business owners).

    Don't quit! Keep going, you are so much closer than you think!
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    It depends how you use it. You get what you put in.

    If people sense you're all about you, it doesn't matter how many followers you have, people will ignore your tweets.

    Try to be an anomaly.

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    One way it can be useful is by running a contest or event through your twitter account. & have done by making people follow them in order to be able to participate in their activities.

    NameCheap ran a free domain name contest that generated a lot of buzz, and yielded them a massive list of fresh followers.

    √ Twitter Marketing Guide
    Advertise To Thousands Absolutely Free - Learn How!! WSO offer
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    Originally Posted by Traffic-Bug View Post

    is twitter useful? yes, somewhat. Is twitter really useful to get sales? NO. Is twitter useful for getting traffic? yes, depending on how you use it.
    Seriously? Twitter isn't useful to get sales? I personally don't use it to promote products very often, but I get thousands of dollars of orders for my press release services every month just by interacting frequently on Twitter.

    I see big name marketers on there like Willie Crawford promoting their products, and if there's one thing that I'm sure of - Willie wouldn't continue to do something that didn't give him good ROI. If he's on there promoting products, he's making sales.
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    I just got Twitter Traffic Machine and went through the videos. A lot of great and useful information for $27 USD, I learned some software, however the concept overall is SPAM and I would rather have less follower and quality ones, instead of more and targetting. I did get another 10 to 15 followed in half a day, however they are all companies doing the same thing, not individuals who can build a solid long term viable business from.
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    I think Twitter is a good place to get traffic, not sales and I agree that it is getting pretty crowded with with those promos of giving you free stuff..gets a little overwhelming!!
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    Thanks for the great replies...
    Well, I wanted to do twitter to get sales for my upcoming product.. a LOT of my potential customers use twitter because of the way it works.. realtime messaging chat board kindda thing...

    Anyways, im on 405 followers now.. have stopped mass adding and am only following people related to my niche now... 10,000 looks far far away....

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    There was another thread here not too long ago that detailed a pretty simple way to attract a lot of targeted followers.

    It's good advice, but what you do with those followers once you get them is what's going to determine your results.

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      It is very spammy, and that part that stinks is that many people that follow you are only following you to build up their followers. So, there aren't many people who genuinely want know about you or really care what you tweet about.

      Anthony Busciglio

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