Where can I learn photoshop in order to design awesome PPV ads?

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Hey guys, I've checked youtube but it's all so scattered. I feel like there is SOOO much to learn in photoshop, that I have no clue where to start with all these crazy youtube videos. My mind is overwhelmed as I have not the slightest clue how to use photoshop, besides creating BASIC layers and a little GIF animation. I'm looking for something structured that can take me through the basics to the intermediate to the advanced - gotta start with a foundation. Any recommendations would be phenomenal. Thanks to all.
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    Geared toward digital art, but guaranteed to get you up to scratch using Photoshop. Everything you need to know, in a structured order:

    Tutorial Index | Photo Manipulation | Photoshop Tutorials | SurrealPSD

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    You can try Udemy for some good Photoshop tutorials. In fact any established tutorial site will have good courses on Photoshop techniques. Try using Google search and you will find what you're looking for.
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    u can try gimp ..there are plenty of free tutorials on facebook for photoshop and gimp.Gimp is an open source software free to use.
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    hi i got a disc from this guy on ebay and it goes through everything
    learningsoftware | eBay

    he posts worldwide to
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    tutsplus.com for tutorials and deviantart.com for various resources
    It worked for me
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    You can literally just sit on Youtube and google every tool in Photoshop or GIMP for a tutorial on how to use it.

    Example Youtube search: "Photoshop paint bucket tutorial", "Photoshop gradient tutorial", etc etc etc
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    If you can create 'basic layers' and animated gifs as you say, I think you know a bit more than you give yourself credit for my friend

    Play around with some tutorials, just follow them from beginning to end and see what results you get....as you are doing them you are learning the tools. Great fun, enjoy !!
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    When I was in college back then, I really want to know how to design using digital execution (Photoshop, Ai, Ae, C4D, etc) but no one would willing to help me without any payment in return but it cost more than I expected. What I did I was started to browse a tutorials on youtube while watching it I also open my photoshop and follow the tutorials and that's really a big help for me.
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    You can absolutely learn photoshop without payment. Not that I am an expert on it, but I can use it for what I need. Tutorials are all over the net now
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    I second the tutorials that every one else suggests.

    Besides that, what really helped me learn was to just sit down and read through all the photoshop documentation.

    It's not super exciting, but their help pages are well done and will teach you how all the tools and functions work, and that is a very important thing to understand if you want to be able to harness the full potential of photoshop.
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    Best place to learn photoshop
    Adobe Photoshop Tutorials from Beginner to Advanced | Psdtuts+

    In my opinion: You just focus in your business. For designing, lets hire graphic design to help you
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    While I love Photoshop and I'm self taught, if you're wanting to get into business, teaching yourself every skill is not the best way, IMHO. Hire somebody to create your PPV ads and get started making money.

    Learn Photoshop as you go along.
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