How much can you make from a 24,000 E-mail list?

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Assuming you've got an e-mail list of 24,000 and growing super-targeted prospects. How much money could you make in a given month?

I've been playing around with numbers this afternoon, and it just occurred to me that if 1% of your list (240) buys a $37 product/course/programme you could essentially pull in $8k a month just from your e-mail/newsletter subscribers. Is this actually possible - or am I being too modest? :confused:

Just wondering what everyone's thoughts are on this...
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    It's impossible to say as it's complete hypothetical guesses at this point.

    Not really going to help you to imagine what you might make. Just go and test for yourself.

    With this size of list you could make $24K. Or you could make $24. It just depends.
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      When estimating income from your list...the number is $1 per member per month.

      Obviously this can be accurate or way off. If you have 24k bots on your list, you will make no money.

      If you have 24k real people with money burning a hole in their pocket, you will make more.

      So, obviously, lots of variables, but...for estimation purposes $1 per member/month.
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    It depends on how targeted that list is though. If you've 24k people on your list that don't have any interest in what you're selling, then it's not going to matter because they are not going to convert. a List of 20 targeted people is far more valuable than a list of 24k untargeted people.

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    You can make WAAYYYY more than that if you have a killer relationship with your list. I recently made 2k in a day from a 500 person list, and the open rate sucked because I sent the email late, and on a holiday!

    Just don't forget to factor in your back end. That's the real money... And sell pricier stuff, not only do you make more, but you have a different kind of customer that's a lot more enjoyable to serve.
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      Originally Posted by Don Grace View Post

      You can make WAAYYYY more than that if you have a killer relationship with your list. I recently made 2k in a day from a 500 person list, and the open rate sucked because I sent the email late, and on a holiday!

      Just don't forget to factor in your back end. That's the real money... And sell pricier stuff, not only do you make more, but you have a different kind of customer that's a lot more enjoyable to serve.
      What was the amount of commission per buyer for what you promoted to make that much? And if you don't mind me asking, how do you find these high ticket affiliate products? All the ones I see are under $49.
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    Why are you bothering with these hypothetical questions? With 24,000 emails, you could make anywhere from $0 to 2,400,000. It's anyone's guess at this point.
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    24k List is a big number to have.
    Typically, you should be able to make some money
    once your list is around 1K.

    I think you should now concentrate on building
    your 24K list first.

    1. Improve your squeeze page conversion
    2. Identify targeted traffic sources
    3. establish solid relationship with your list.

    Trust me, once you have a good list,
    your sales will come.
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    List is not a pocket but a bunch of people who have problems.

    Ask them what problems do they have. Yes send a free email and ask them, what is holding you back from doing xxx? Ask them to reply back and offer free help.

    Then offer the solution. Either affiliate program or your own product. Then offer coaching as backend.

    Now you will have a targeted list and a TARGETED PRODUCT.

    And there is no way to tell how much you will earn from this point.
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    Originally Posted by SuperDJ View Post

    How much money could you make in a given month?
    If they opted in over the last two months, via a content-rich site, and you've patiently fed them supremely valuable content, have a good continuity-process in place with an 80% open rate and a really high click-through rate, and they're previous buyers of something related (and very good) who bought on your recommendation, and you're soon going to promote a $37/$47 product, you could make an absolute fortune.

    If, on the other hand, they're mostly SEO traffic, they're from up to a year ago, they signed up through a squeeze page, and you've hardly sent them anything worth talking about, don't know what the open rate and click-through rates are, none of them is a previous buyer on your recommendation, and you haven't given them any specific reason to trust you or established credibility and respect with them as a provider of valued information, then you might not even cover your autoresponder costs for the month.

    It's just not a question anyone can sensibly or plausibly answer without knowing (at least) all the above, is it?
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      I'm with Alexa.

      It's the QUALITY of your list, not the QUANTITY

      I know you're saying "super-targeted" but your first sentence implies that your mind-set is still on big numbers meaning big bucks, which not really what it's all about.

      IMHO unless you're a BIG player in this business, 24k "super-targeted" subscribers is arguably not something that's going to happen for you - or most IM'ers. You can have 1m subscirbers on your list who, if they never buy, are worthless because you'll still be way behind someone with 5 people on their list, each of whom invests in a $97 per month ongoing coaching program from that list owner. Maybe you realize that but there it is if not
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    Why don't you actually build a list and find out?
    Assuming and imagining are not going to put money in your pocket...
    Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

    ― George Carlin
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    size doesn't matter, it's the relationship that counts. there's a joke in there somewhere. lol

    but it's true. I've got competitors with big 6-figure lists whose sales I dominate with a smaller list that trusts me implicitly.
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      Well, the first question: where did that list came from? If you bought it you will most likely to get nothing. If those people subscribed to you and you build up a proper relation with your list then you will make good money every month. But no one will give you exact amount as it depends on what you are selling, for what price and how much you get from each sale. If you sell the product that people use every day and it does run out fast and you earn $1 from each sale you can expect to earn around $500-$1500 every month.

      Happy to share 18 years experience in MLM/IM. Not doing any other work for over 7 years now. Accredited as a coach by 3 companies I worked with after completing a course of education and passing exams. HND in Business, Economics, Accounting, Market Research, Market Development, Management.
      Love to Learn - Love to Teach!

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  • If all the subscribers are from places like adfly then I would say not much at all, again as others have said it all depends where they have come from and how targeted the list is, such as is it a list full of freebie seekers your not going to be making much or are there many targeted buyers on there if so you could be making thousands.

    But with any list you need to be having a good relationship with your subscribers they need to be able to trust you to buy anything you put in front of their eyes.
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    I personally think that predicting the income by the size of the list is not accurate because having a big list does not mean that the list is responsive.

    It will also be dependent on whether it is a prospects list or customer list. I feel that the freshness of the list is important too as new subscribers are more likely to open and read the email. You will want to make sure that there is a consistent flow of fresh new subscribers joining the list on a daily basis.
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    It depends entirely on the relationship you have with your subscribers, the offer you present them, etc.
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  • As everyone has been saying: you could make nothing at all or loads of cash off that list. It depends on who's on your list, what you're selling, your report with your list, and many other factors. You could have a million people on a list, and make no money--hell you could even lose money while making that list. But you could have a short list, but full of solid leads that commit to an ongoing partnership that makes you rich.

    Okay, I don't know if this is only a hypothetical or not but in both cases: It's wonderful you have a long list. You know your list better than anyone else. Just try and keep them in your mind as people, not a number on a list, whose purpose is to make you money. Develop a relationship and trust and you'll profit.

    Good luck, I hope my 2 cents helped, even if you yourself don't have this list. And we're working hypothetically.
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