Gonna get my Offline Gold Marketing Biz promoted to 200 people list - what offer should I do?

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recently I gave a free 1 hour , internet marketing consultation to a Chris Howard coach. In exchange, she said she'll send an email to her list about my business (doubleyourprofits.com.au)

She said half her list is made up of new business owners who have just got a website or are looking to get a website. Most of these people attend personal development seminars.

Now what I need to do is create an offer for her to send. Right now my idea for an offer is:
- free 30 minute consultation where I look at your current online marketing efforts and see where there's room for improvement to increase your sales.
From that consultation, I can sell them on a number of services from adding an autoresponder, SEO work, build a new website, setup PPC campaign, create a JV deal, etc.

What do you guys think about this offer?
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    Sounds like you've got a handle on it. Just make sure in your "Free" offer you put something like "Regularly $500" or what ever you normally charge. That just helps add value to the offer IMHO.

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    Maybe add in what they will get out of it so they don't feel like it's just a sales pitch.

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    thanks Pete I definitely considered that and will write normally $297/hour or something.

    Jericho at first I didn't get what you meant, but now I do and definitely something I forgot. I must add in benefits of the consultation eg.
    - maximize your ROI
    - put your business on autopilot
    - get cutting edge strategies to gain the edge over your competition.
    - get more $$ out of existing clients
    - have an automatic 'sales team' to gain more new customers without additional work on your part.

    I'll help double your AARRR metrics 80% faster than you've projected.


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    Sounds like a good plan, Alex. It is good to explain the benefits of the consultation to make them more interested. You could also throw in an report you've written about "the top 10 mistakes websote owners make" or "Small Business Website Best Practices Checklist". Something you can give them to establish your authority when you meet with them for their consultation.
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    Er, Alex,

    Have you looked at your web site lately?

    If 'no', you should - you have html snippets all over the place!

    If 'yes' you need more practice - you have html snippets all over the place!.
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