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by Zola
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I have just seen a demo of Instant Article Wizard and was wondering what experience real users have had with IAW.

I would appreciate your comments and any tips regarding IAW. What extras (Best Spinner, Copyscape etc.) do you need to use IAW? Is IAW over-hyped like many content creator programs?

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    I never used the program.

    But last I checked, spun content does not benefit your website as much as unique content does.
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    Nothing beats good quality articles by real writers! Software is for those who don't understand this.

    Cheers, Laurence. Read my Warriors for Hire ad.
    Writer/Editor/Proofreader. Place orders.

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    Originally Posted by Zola View Post

    wondering what experience real users have had with IAW.
    Take a look in the SEO Forum, then: you'll find some of them quoting from the emails that Google sent them explaining why their sites' rankings have been so heavily penalized.
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      An eye opener. Thanks Alexa.
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    Faster, easier but is it better? Who reads spunned articles? You put out quality what do you get back? You go easy on it and what comes back? Google changed their system once again with the Great Lion update due to crap and people going for the easy ways to try to market.

    A good article will give the readers value and they will what? Stick around for a while to see whatever value there might be also posted.

    It is the law of karma really. You get what you put out.
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    Such articles will only harm your website. This is the same as Google translate, in terms of efficiency I mean. Nothing is compared to human writing and translation.

    Content and Design have never been closer than today, because neither can win alone. Both Copywriting and Designing delivered by one person

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      Ask yourself, what do you want to achieve by doing this.

      The time it takes to set up an article that can be spun and still readable is probably measured in days. You need to ensure every possible variant of the article will be readable.

      Even when this is done, the articles produced are not well written. Most people will continue searching for another article rather than stay and read it.

      Spinning had it's day when you could rank your website by getting hundreds of low quality backlinks. This tactic no longer works.

      In the time it takes to make a proper spinnable article, I could write 30 articles that were of a much better standard.

      I know which I would prefer to have.
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    Forget about all these instant of a thing, pay people to write your article or write it yourself, it might be slow but it pays in long run.

    Submit your articles to FREE, approval within 48 hours

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