How Warriors are Making a Killing With WSOs and how YOU Can too

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I just bought 8 WSOs and felt I should say something about
this to encourage more people to produce more good WSOs...

Even though I have not done any WSOs myself, I believe it can
help give any Warrior good money, especially if it's a good
product. What I do now is to ALWAYS go through the WSO
section whenever I want to improve my knowledge on a
particular area or whenever I need a tool that I think a
WSO will be on. No matter how much I know about a subject,
I always love buying good WSOs on the subject - to improve
my knowledge (as I know we just can't know it all, can we? )
And I never buy one WSO on a particular subject. I always
buy several - as one person just can't know it all on a subject.

For example...

When I needed to improve my knowledge and understanding on
flipping of websites, I went to the WSO section, searched and
bought 6 or so of the best WSOs on the subject (I determine the
best by looking at the page views/comments/reviews of the
WSOs there).

When I needed to improve my knowledge and understanding
on autoblogging, I went to the WSO section and did the same
thing and bought 4 or so WSOs and tools on autoblogging.

Just some hours ago, I have gone in there and bought 8
(yes, you read that right) WSOs on Keyword Research and
Bum Marketing. Folks like Jon Orana, TimG, Paul Schmitt,
Odhinn, Jackie Lee, Dean Shainin, Bryan Kumar and Peter
Drew made good sales off me from my immediate recent
purchase of their WSOs.

My point?

Being a member of the Warrior Forum for over 3 years now, I
have come to regard Warriors as the Creme de la Creme of
the Internet Marketing community and I know that if I want a
good information product, I will get one in the WSO section.
So - if you are an expert and have a knowledge/idea/secret,
etc that will help other Warriors make money, go on and
make it into a WSO. NOTE - if it's good, it will sell; if it's not,
it won't sell.

I don't EVER buy a WSO that doesn't have lots of views/
reviews/comments. I always go through what others that
have bought had to say and how the attitude of the seller is
in the WSO thread, before buying.

And since I never buy just one WSO on the same subject, it
shows that your WSO will still sell (if it's good), even if there
are other WSOs on the subject already.

And there are THOUSANDS of silent Warriors like myself who
don't bother with posting but who read lots of good posts
and buy lots of good WSOs.

The keyword here is "GOOD"!

So - awesome Warriors - keep up coming up with the good
threads/posts and WSOs (you are helping others and making
money in the process).

I hope this helps someone get off their butts and get that
WSO going,
#killing #making #warriors #wsos

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