Is PLR content still in demand after Penguin?

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Is PLR content still worth developing? Do people still buy it on Warrior Forum? Are there better tactics for content these days?

I'd appreciate any insights. I suppose there's only one way to find out!

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    It still sells. Most people will change PLR up before using it, so its a non-issue. It has been this way for a while, SERP wise.
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      Originally Posted by Doug Wakefield View Post

      It still sells. Most people will change PLR up before using it, so its a non-issue. It has been this way for a while, SERP wise.
      Yes I would definately change up the content a little bit before using it now be as it may there is still a lot of duplicate content around on the internet there always will be so google cannot penalize websites just because they have some duplicate content but if all the content was duplicate then yes.
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    ^^ This. After Panda and Penguin, the main value proposition PLR brings to the table is that it saves the buyer time when it comes to research. Consequently, assuming Google doesn't do anything drastic with the next major updates, there will still be a market for PLR. The prices are dropping though. $1 PLR packages are not unheard of. Lots of free PLR freebies.
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    Yes, PLR content still sells well.

    It saves a lot of time to create content on the basis of PLR.

    Otherwise, you have to do research and write content from scratch.
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    I would say that PLR is selling more due to the google slaps :-)

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    Guys, thanks for your feedback. It's appreciated! I believe if there's still a market, then quality will continue to be in demand.

    Any advice for getting topics? What approach would help attract groups of buyers? For example, say a person wrote in a general demand category like Health. Which, in your opinion, may better suit a 10 article pack PLR offer:

    1. General: Healthy Living Tips
    2. Niche: Knee Injuries
    3. Sub-niche: Epypheseal Cartilage Repair A to Z
    4. Micro-niche: Patellar Maltracking Correction Exercises
    5. Trend-Niche: Athletes Benched by Knee Injuries This Season
    6. Affiliate Niche: Tai Chi Methods for Knee Injury
    7. All of the Above

    I mean, do you believe it is better to go generic or specific or a mix?

    PLR Modifiable Content

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    As long as people buy ghost written material there will always be a demand for PLR content. I don't think plr will ever go away or anything.

    Any advice for getting topics? What approach would help attract groups of buyers?
    The best advice I could give you is visit forums to find out what the hot topics are. There are many topics that will always be in demand such as product & service reviews, niche article topics, friends and family members hobbies.

    One of my favorite ways to find hot topics is to check out the magazine and book racks at your local 'mart'.

    If you have holiday idea's Halloween is in demand right now, then Christmas in July...Who knew?

    Hope this helps, good luck
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    PLR can work if changed/ re written. It's a good source of information, especially if you're not familiar with a particular topic. Of course, researching a topic should still be a priority but PLR can help when re-purposed.

    PLR won't be of any use- and could damage your blog, website as well as your reputation- if all you do is copy and paste. This is the big misconception with PLR articles, mainly. You can't slap 10 articles on your blog and expect thousands of visitors to flood and get excited about what they're reading. Chances are they've seen it somewhere else, and it would affect your reputation.

    I sometimes use PLR for inspiration, especially when they've been written by excellent PLR writers.

    PLR is an excellent resource for PLR articles, reports etc. Other great sources include Patti Stafford and Peg Baron.

    Hope this helps.

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    people are always looking for the easy button, PLR will always be in demand
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    Yep and when you use it creatively its very very profitable :-)

    One of the main reasons why i started a PLR store was because it was the easiest way to organise it all :-) As before it was just lost on my hard

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    But it depends entirely on the quality of the PLR content. Plenty of people on this forum are willing to pay for PLR content that is top-notch. It also helps if the content has not already been in circulation for a long time. No one wants PLR content that has been plastered on every website already.
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      And don't forget about repurposing it too. Just use your creativity and you can come up with a number of things to repurpose it as.

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    Thanks for all the replies! Question, what is your opinion on limiting the total number downloads per pack - do you think is it really much of a selling point?

    I'm asking more from a writing/selling PLR point of view, not SEO.

    PLR Modifiable Content

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      Some buyers will shy away from PLR that has a larger (or unlimited) license. I sell mine with unlimited licenses, personally.

      The way I look at it is:
      1- Many buyers are going to let it rot anyways.
      2 - The ones who use it will typically change it up to suit their needs.
      3 - The ones who use it, and don't change it, are so few that the copies don't get too saturated.

      When I buy PLR, I am going to be changing it up. Often in multiple ways.
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