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Hey guys, do you know of a free email service I can use with my existing domain?

I checked Google Apps. They want $5 a month for each email account. I thought this was free . . .

I have a hostgator Baby plan and I want to set up email accounts for a client.

But I don't want them to have access to my main control panel.

I'm looking for a way for my clients to send and receive mail from Google, Yahoo or something similar.

Example: - I have this domain hosted on my Hostgator account.

I want to set up email accounts for my clients:

Accessible through a free service.

Any suggestions?
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    To do this, you set up a Google account.

    After it's set up, go into gmail an click on the "gear" icon on the right hand side.

    Go to settings.

    Set up the new email address.

    Google will send verification to the email you want to use.

    After you get a copy of the email, go back to Google, enter the confirmation code.
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    This is very simple. If you are using C Panel Hosting, then create the email ids and send them the url where they can login to their email account. the url is like It won't let them to access your control Panel.

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