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I have started a site that I would like to make a membership site.It will be mainly a tutorial site with tutorials in 3 or more related topics. The tutorials are quite long. How much content should I have before I promote it.

I was thinking 3 or 4 tutorials in each topic then start. Due to limited time JOB it will take me a week or 2 to write 1 tutorial. I don't think I can outsource this. They would really have to know the topics really well before they could write about it and I don't think I would get the quality I want. Funds wise I don't think I can swing it now anyway. This will be a paid membership site. I think 3 or 4 tuts in each topic is good enough to get them started. It will take them at least 2 or 3 days of working hard to finish one. Most will probably take a week or better to study and finish one. Which gives me time to get more up before they get that far.

This site if it goes well will be a work in progress. It will never get finished. I could have 40 tutorials in each topic and probably would be able to do 40 more.

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    How much content should I have before I promote it.
    I promise I'm *not* trying to be difficult here, Scott, but the answer is "as much as it takes to make the site valuable". The last thing you want is for people to arrive and say, "is that it?".

    You know your subject, and you know what you've already got. If you truly think you've got a good starting point of information (and clear references on your site that more content is going to be added on a regular basis), start promoting. Who knows? You could even get some feedback that you could use on future tutorials, or ideas that you would never have thought of on your own!
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      1... 1 is all you need to get started.

      All you need to do is promise something like a 52 week drip course, create the first piece of content and then make sure you stay 1 week ahead in your content production so there is always something to "drip" out each week.

      Now you can sell today and still have a full year to produce all your promised content.

      Of course, this goes without saying that your 1st piece of content better be great or they won't stick around for week 2.

      The other advantage to this technique is the ability to receive customer feedback and adjust your product / content creation on the fly to provide what they really want versus what you think they want.

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    Both answers are about the same way I was thinking. I need a few more tutorials for each area. Thinking a few more weeks. I am also working on something else that will be up and running a lot quicker. This site is long term and will probably work out for long term income and it is a passion and I want to be working in it for a long time to come. The other site I want to see if I can make somewhat of a quick little money maker. Even if it is only a few hundred a month. Wash rinse and repeat it all adds up at the end of the month!
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