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Actually I have 2 questions. I am planning to do some tutorial series in a niche so this is my first question. Eventually I could have 10 tutorial series in this niche. I am thinking of a membership site. Not to expensive. between 10 and 20 a month. I am not sure if this would be better doing a membership site or just creating the series and promote it to my list and get some affiliates to promote it and just have a free website to go along with it.

So my next question, I want to build a list. I have the site but have no tutorials done. It will take a while to even get one tutorial done in just one series. I would get a list going but I don't really know how I would keep them interested and on the list. It could be a month or 2 before I get enough on the website before I would feel right about charging a member fee and it could be longer than that before I got the full product finished and ready to promote if I go that route. I am thinking in the meantime I could grow a list. I just don't want to feed them B.S. when they will be expecting tutorials.

I don't even have to say anything to anyone on the list I build about tutorials but that is what they would expect and that is what I am going to give them I just don't want them to drop because it is taking longer than they think.

I have some good ideas and plans for this and it will involve e mail marketing and I want to start the list now just don't know how to keep them around until the first product is done.

I guess I could come right out and tell them about the website or product in my first e-mail and then keep them updated on how far along things are and a little about what I am doing?

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated!
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    If I were you I would start by building a list and giving out free information to start building your authority. Once you've built a list, and some trust, you'll have customers begging to get your "premium" stuff.

    I'm the host of a show at http://mikefrommaine.com

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      Sounds good Thanks. It will take me longer to make the tutorials. I still have a full time job driving a truck. I own the truck and work 14 hour or better days. Most of my work is done on weekends, once in a while I get a little time during the week.

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      OK 1 more question and I think I got this under control for a while. I was thinking about just telling them right away that the site will be tutorials and I will have a forum and a blog and that it will be a members only site. I will start the member fee at $10. If they get in right away as soon as I go live with the site they will be on for 10 bucks a month for as long as they stay on. Anyone who gets in after I go live with the second series of tutorials will be paying $12 a month and so on. So it would be to everyone's advantage to get in right away.

      Is there a plug in that can work things this way? I have that free S2member plug in. I have not really worked with it yet. I am not opposed to spending some money for something good.but I can't spend 2 or 3 hundred right now. 25 to 50 would work. I may want to leave the forum free but secure the site and tutorials. I don't want people who find the site by just surfing the web to be able to backdoor their way in. Will a membership plug in handle this type of security?

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    Give out just 1 of the tutorials or write a short ebook to give away in exchange for opt-in and start building your list right now. Explain in your first follow-up email that they will receive the tutorials over the next few weeks. That way, you can deliver them as they are finished.
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    As a matter of fact you have to start your new adventure from building a list. There is no any other ways to cut corners and jump into online marketing without doing this.

    Good luck
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    Build a list when you are a few months in because if not you will lose potential susbcribers to your list or business

    Blogger at RicherOrNot.com (Make Money online blog but also promoting ethical internet marketing)

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    You should've started building your list yesterday. You can still send valuable info. You could wait until everything is done and then buy solo ads to build your list. It's not cheap, but, it builds your list fast. You have to have GOOD solo ad distributors to start with.
    Good luck!
    Geri Richmond
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