How do you put links into an ebook?

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I've written a short ebook and would like to put some affiliate links in it.
I wrote the text in NeoOffice (in document format) and inserted hyperlinks, they worked fine.
Then I converted this document into pdf (using NeoOffice) and the links aren't there anymore, it's just simple text.

Then I put the text into Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional and wanted to create links but I couldn't. I tried to search for info on the internet on how to do this but didn't find any. It should be easy! I see these links in every ebook!

How do I put links into my ebook? (i.e. when somebody clicks on a word, a specific website opens).
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    I've got Acrobat 7, and if you go to Advanced > Links you see a dialog for converting text into links. I presume the procedure is similar in Acrobat 8. See the help file for more info.
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      Here's an alternative:

      eWriterPro Professional Ebook Creator Software!

      It's called Ewriter Pro (from Ewen Chia)

      This is-- if you can't afford (or have no access) to Adobe PDF Writer.

      That is NOT my affiliate link--and it's only 10 bucks with re-sell rights.

      Hope this helps,

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        Then there's the Free way....Use word to write your ebook, the download DoPDF, to print the word doc to a pdf. DoPDF recognizes links, I use it all the time.
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      Thank you, I made it work. It turned out there was a problem with the software...
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    Simple way is to convert it to word document, then it is very easy to insert links.
    If you want to have it in pdf form, pm me.
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