Gmail Users: Sent an email to the wrong person by mistake? Undo it:

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Ever sent a mega embarrassing email to your mate when it was supposed to be for your girlfriend? Fear not, you can 'undo' it simply by activating a setting inside your Gmail.

You'll need to activate it first, and here's how:

1. Login to Gmail and click the cog icon in the top right corner, then select settings from the drop-down menu

2. Click "Labs" from the tabs at the top

3. Scroll to the bottom where you'll see "Undo Send" and click enable

4. Click "Save changes"

The next time you compose and send an email you will see the usual status box appear that says "Your message has been sent", only now it'll also say "Undo". This stays visible for roughly 10 seconds. Click this and the original email will reopen and your heart can stop pounding.

Thank me when it happens!
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    So it means your message will be deleted from recipient's inbox? What if he is using an email client like outlook? I don't think its possible...

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    ^hence why you only have 10 secs to perform the action before the undo option disappears. Otherwise it will reach the recipient.

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    Thanks for the tip...I don't use gmail much but it is still good to know.

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
    Website / Blog for more info.

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      Great share. Very useful because I have experience sending an email with some grammatical error, misspelled recipient name and wrong website address. Just figure it out right after clicking the send button. Then, I need to send another email for correction. This setting is useful to overcome that.
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    I think the most common mistake is when you haven't finished typing the email and you accidentally hit send!

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    Great Tip thanks for sharing.
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    Thanks - I had no idea that was possible. That will help me when I forget to attach an attachment. I usually realize my mistake right after I hit send and then have to send a second "oops, here is the attachment" email. That never looks very professional.
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    This tip has come to my rescue more than once over the years.

    Thanks for sharing.

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      Happens ever so often. I hit "send" ... and then I have a change of mind about who I share the email with
      (CC's or BCC's - carbon copies/blind carbon copies), or even the primary destination of the gmail.

      Very useful to learn about this ten second time window to cancel, edit or "redirect" gmails.
      Thanks for sharing.
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    Nice tip.

    Only hope I am within the 10 second window when I have to use it.

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