Free Web Design to Boost Portfolio?

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Would you consider this a bad idea? I need to add at least 5-10 more websites to my porfolio. I could either offer free design services to friends/family/anyone and get some built up on my own dime, or build some niche related sites to use instead that I built and keep myself?
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    Why not? no harm in giving some free websites away. get those clients you give free websites away to, to spread the word.

    Word of mouth is a great marketing tool.


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    you might consider a free trial. Let me do it free for two weeks and after that if you like it we can negotiate a price.
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    Never work for free - ever. Period.

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      John said it straight, "Never work for free - ever. Period."

      Price your services properly in the first place, and then offer a 25% discount or bonus services to stimulate sales, but NEVER give away your work. If you have decent web skills, you'll get jobs without selling your soul to the Devil with freebies.

      Most people fail because they compete on price alone. I'm a writer and I see people offer article and ebook writing for 1 cent per word, thinking they can build on that. But they fail because you can't make a living at 1 cent a word in the US, and they brand themselves as people who will work for slave wages.

      I have no idea why so many people are rushing to the bottom of their craft, and ultimate failure, by writing for pennies. As a writer with 30 years experience, I know there is no hope for quality in such cases. There is no point in being the "low price leader" if you can't pay your bills and make a profit.

      The same thing applies to building websites. It is just as easy to start at the top if you have the skills, then offer the discounts or bonuses I mentioned. Base your business on quality and service. People in business who know what they're doing are willing to pay for quality and service. Those who want free or cheap are always the worst customers in my experience.
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    If you create a site and give it away, then the person you are creating the site for can easily remove your backlink credit and then what value would that site be in your portfolio? Create demo sites that you control and have access to, rather than giving away sites. These sites will give you a good place to practice new web design techniques.

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    Thanks for the advice guys, I am going to just offer a discount instead. I have 3-4 sites in my porfolio now, and am going to create some mock-up and demo sites as well. That should give me enough to show my skills.
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      Originally Posted by AZJ0SH View Post

      Thanks for the advice guys, I am going to just offer a discount instead. I have 3-4 sites in my porfolio now, and am going to create some mock-up and demo sites as well. That should give me enough to show my skills.
      Good idea; you can also invest $37 to join the War Room and put up a Warrior Special Offer for another $40. You can put a Paypal direct sale button in the thread.

      Tell other Warriors that you're looking to build up your reputation and need to add to your portfolio so you can offer maybe a 2, 3 or more types of packages.

      I think that $77 investment would go a long way. You could also put up a $20 classified ad.

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        I agree. Nothing for free.

        Simply approach some local companies that you know or make contact with companies via some associates, show them your work, tell them what you can do for them and as has been suggested offer a small discount. But I would suggest SMALL discount. Discounting too uch is very bad practice.

        In my experience business owners, especially small ones, are so busy actually running their business they have very little time to compare prices or get into the nitty gritty or their web sites, they just want them built and up and running.

        In addition they just want to work with people they trust. If you can all of that then you will succeed.
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    Just a thought if you want to develop websites, why not put together some simple ideas that have a way of generating revenue even if its just adsense or simple affiliate commissions of amazon and get the site up for sale on once its making a bit of money.
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  • Why not create demo sites on your own domain. Or something like
    Create about 5 different ones and bam! you are good to go
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