Wanted Advise on Converting Links in Ebook

by syl391
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I have given 1500 free copies of my ebook away. My Affiliate Link in ebook was click 45 times. Zero of the 45 clicks turned into sales. I am currently using a link that is directly linked to a Clickbank product. Can anyone offer advice on how to improve sales !
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    If you are not making sale with 1500 copies of the ebook then you need to change your strategy.

    Maybe don't offer the book and just send them to the offer right away.
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    Sorry, I failed to mention the ebook giveaway ways a promotion (kdp Select) via Amazon kindle
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    You simply don't have enough traffic to determine your conversion from clicks to sales. However, you can tell that 1500 books given away for only 45 clicks is a problem. I suspect you're being too light with your promotion. Perhaps instead of waiting until the end of the book to place your affiliate link, you stick it at the end of every chapter, or even in the footer of all pages. Or take the idea a step further by introducing cliffhangers in your content that can only be answered by clicking through to your link.
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    You need to give your readers a reason to click the link and not just have it as an aside. Give them a call to action where they benefit from clicking, then give it to them several times without coming across as a salesman.

    Another note: if they're clicking the link in their kindle device/app and then switch devices (or even browsers) to buy the product, then you lose the sale. You might find more success sending them to a squeeze page, then you have their email address as well.

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    I would create a compelling resource box that closely relates to your eBook. If that doesn't work you need to rethink your strategy towards your book and who you are giving it too?

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