IM Business Structure and Best Certified Public Accountant

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Hello Warriors,

When I started doing IM, I created a LLC for the business and had everything under it. My LLC was out of Las Vegas Nevada due to tax reasons.

However, I have been really successful and have started to branch out into other sectors such as Kindle, niche websites, etc.

Therefore Warriors, I was wondering what you guys did when your business started to expand. For those of you with a LLC, did you create a new one for each website or business venture or did you just create another series? Did you create another business bank account or just keep using the same one?

Finally, do any of you have a Certified Personal Accountant (the other CPA ) that you would recommend for helping to manage and setup a growing IM business? I am trying to figure out if I should start my business in another country or just stay here. Looking for advice. Thanks Warriors!
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    The best structure really depends on your own needs. Separating the lines of business may make sense if one or more of the businesses has the potential to incur substantial liabilities, because the separation could protect the assets of one business from the creditors of a different business. If there is not a significant risk of liability in any of the businesses, the establishing separate entities may be more of a headache than it is worth.
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