Is It Worth It To Offer a Product on Clickbank?

by rimam1
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Hey guys,

I have my own fitness ebook with a sales page. I am using a shopping cart to sell, but am thinking of offering my product on Clickbank.

I wanted to avoid Clickbank just in case I ever wanted to advertise on Google. But now I'm thinking of offering my product on CB to get affiliate traffic.

Would love any advice you guys have... especially if you have a product on CB.

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    Hi Raza
    I was both a vendor & an affiliate on CB for around three years but found it a bit frustrating to
    1) get my products approved
    2) pay a separate listing fee for each product that I wanted to appear in their marketplace
    3) generate a good gravity score immediately on launch (which helps with attracting affiliates, epecially if you're not a known name, or don't have a list)
    4) put up with serial refunders
    5) have to jump through payment processing hoops to get the money from your sales and affiliate commissions

    These days I am just an affiliate on CB butI have seen all the changes going on over there with CB3.0 so I may venture back in the future, as it's definitely a good source of affiliates.

    I moved my products to JVZoo and haven't looked back - may be worth a look for you too

    hope this helps

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    I agree with James. If you know it will convert well -- meaning that people will buy it -- then it's a good investment. It is kind of a steep fee for seling products. You might rather sell at a place like JVZoo to start if you haven't sold much yet.
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  • Hi Raza, Clickbank is definitely a good affiliate market to aim for high ticket product launches, and if you are good enough you can make many sales. I used it for only two launches, and they all went really well.

    My suggestion is to try using it, but pay particular attention on your sales letter, otherwise you risk big delays because it can get refused. Every time I launched, my sales page was sent back to me three times for corrections (about claims, about guarantee, because people must know what they purchase, and so on).

    So after you have a winning sales letter, my advice is to use Clickbank and see how it delivers in the first couple of months. But try always to create a good JV Page to submit to every JV network or FB Page that acts as JV network.

    See you soon and... good luck with your launch
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    Yeah sell it on Clickbank. Tons of affiliates, and as a vendor.... you should be in it for the backend customer. If i could offer 100% commission - i would.
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    I feel so if the product is uber valuable...then you'll sell it successfully through any channel.
    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    we do it large on clickbank with our own product.

    Do upsells, downsells and everything in between but all that does not matter if you are NOT Going to build a list. Building a list with clickbank goes together like honey and a bee! No joke, tried everything under the sun and nothing works better.

    Yes, senior warriors are gunna tell you the money is in the bloody list. YES! of course it is, but more so with clickbank. Its just tuned in so well these days to big lists of IM marketers and other big niches, and works better than anything.

    Just my 0.02 cents worth.
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    I had my product rejected from clickbank the only time I wanted to use them. They had other products that were very simlar in the marketplace already so did not understand why. At this point I am over clickbank and would not go back to them as a vendor. There are better options out there for getting affiliate traffic to your site.
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