Okay, my motivation is here...but everything still seems foggy

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Hey everybody, first post here.

A little about myself...

20 years old, about to be a junior in college
How I make money: I cook seafood
How I hope to succeed/make money: use my knowledge and internet obsession

I've been following the forums for a bit now, but I figured I might as well dive in to further my learning experience.
Over the past year or so I have attempted to learn various techniques of all these crazy acronyms; SEO, CPA etc....and I have gotten no where, NO where. I basically dip into a little bit, then say damn I have no idea what any of this is, I'll look into it tomorrow.

I'm done with that. If I do that each day, soon enough I will be 90 years old talking about what I will be doing tomorrow to be successful.Right now all I have is a purchased domain name, a test wordpress site on an MAMP server and a confused head.

I want to get deep into what is discussed on this site, I want to create a site/ sites that will attract traffic, I want to create ebooks that people will download, I want to make some damn money to help my family and to pay off student loans. I just keep finding myself way to damn confused. I am extremely good at learning things myself but my main problem is I just get confused sometimes and give up. I just need some damn direction, I don't have much capital, but I have some. I DO have a lot of time on my hands due to a number of factors (including newfound sobriety, the greatest thing to ever happen to me.)

I do not wish to sit here and beg...but I need help, I need direction, I need mentoring. I badly desire to learn the ins and outs of internet marketing and to create a platform of my own for which to grow expotentially.

Any and all help is greatly, greatly appreciated.

Hopeful warrior in training,

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    Hi Aaron,

    Welcome to the forum!

    You sound very overwhelmed....which is natural!

    Finding success in Internet Marketing boils down to delivering value and solutions to existing problems.

    In any given "niche", there are problems to address. Regardless of any of the methods that you've heard about, you have to be able to deliver timely, relevant content that will address people's problems.

    So since it all starts with a "niche", the first thing you have to do is figure out which niche you want to work in....Start with your interests. Write down all of your current passions.

    Think about other people who share your interests/passions. What are their problems? Do you have enough knowledge within your interests to come up with solutions to these problems. If so, give some thought to how your perspective can add value....Maybe create a 5 part mini-course....Or maybe a lively blog where you share your thoughts....It could be anything!

    Even if you don't have enough knowledge within your interests, you can tap many sources online and offline to fill in the gaps to the point where you can be seen as a reliable authority figure in that "niche".

    So what areas are you so passionate about that you could help others in that area? Really give it some thought because it will be your key starting point that you will build upon.

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    Unless I'm mistaken, its sounds like you're trying to figure out how everything works by yourself through trial and error. Now this isn't a bad thing, many successful IMers got where they are figuring things out on their own. BUT this might take twice or 3 times as long. And you don't sound like you wanna wait...

    What I am saying is you need to find a proven model and good support to help you apply that model. Such a model should cover all the nuts and bolts so eg if you're into affiliate marketing, it should include niche selection, correct keyword research, website creation, content writing and of course the biggie -- traffic.

    So my suggestion is you should look for a proven model to emulate depending on what aspect of IM you wanna pursue. Have a good look thru the Warrior Forum, start tracking those who give good and credible advice for the area you are keen on, then see if they have a reasonably priced wso or product you can buy.

    Eg for me, becoz I'm into affiliate marketing, I follow folks like Andrew Hansen, Chris Rempel, Jeremy Kelsall, just to mention a few. If aff marketing is what you are into, Jeremy is particularly good at providing mentoring/support.

    Hope this helps, good luck ya!


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      and remember after you have chosen proven model, stick with it. you will stumbled to a lot of products along the way but if they doesn't contribute to your business models, try to stay away from them. pick a model, set a target, focus on your target and take action. Good luck man..
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    Yes Riseabove, welcome to the place that separates the serious from the non-serious.

    Here's a thread that should help you focus on what's important and help you get around Mr. Info-Overload and Madame Confusion.


    Hope This Helps!!


    "It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. -- Mark Twain

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