How often do you do it?

by Mrnace
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How often do you post on your blog?

I have my website all set up and have been writing 1 to 2 articles a week since I started the site just over a month or so ago.

I feel I need especially in this early stage to be writing alot for the site, but what I am fearing is eventually running out of things to write.

How do you over come this?

Is it just a matter of using the occasion guest post and writing the same content in different words, or do you have other suggestions?
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    Find other bloggers and see what they are writing about to spark ideas of your own.
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      If you start to look at EVERYTHING as a potential article or post then you could start to develop more ideas than you'll be able to handle.

      Everything in life is connected in some way as far ad ideals, concepts, and philosophies. And by that I mean you could make the connection between two or more seemingly unrelated topics and have that become a new writing idea.

      I see that you're located in the UK. Perhaps, you could tie in some ideas about your favorite sports team and how their style of play, winning attitude, or grittiness applies to your website/blog niche and the lessons that can be garnered from that.

      And this is just one example of generating ideas to write about. Tap into the minutia of life and you'll soon be flush with ideas.
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    There is no such thing as "running out ideas to write". I write 1 post daily but also ask my writers to write 4 more and this is for my blog. I have thousands of ideas in mind and just don't have enough time.

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    Think of quality rather than quantity.
    Don't let quantity affect quality.

    The higher quality your articles are the better the bounce rate of your traffic and return traffic.
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      As long as you think positive and don't worry about running out of topics combined with consistent writing each week, you will soon have a lot of articles to show!

      Thank you to the 400+ warriors that chose to buy my Facebook WSO granting lifetime access to my Udemy course!

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    everyother day.

    But its not about your blog posts its how you market them, or backlink them.

    I find guest posting is better, on big traffic blogs. Can get you alot of traffic fast, and just takes a bit of time finding the right place to do that.
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    I am lazy and slack off but I do know that if you want to see success then you want to post regularly on a schedule.
    Whatever you decide whether it be once ,twice or everyday just stick to whatever you decide and you will see your best results ....
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    Search social media for material and set up a Google Alert for relevant news to write about or comment on.
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    One way to get blog post ideas is to scroll through forums in your niche and look for questions posters are asking or having trouble with, then write a guide or tutorial around that topic or challenge...
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    If you're running a WordPress website, you can get a Curation plugin that will go out every day and find you items of interest, according to the keywords you set.

    I like "ExpressCurate".

    You can (and should) add your own comments and/or annotations, so that your posts or pages are original content and are long enough to meet Google's preferences.
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    I was posting 30 times daily, than 5, now 1, since I have so many posts to promote. 1 daily works nicely to keep your blogging mojo going and to improve your writing skills.

    At the least, post 3 times a week to keep your writing game sharp. Practicing a skill helps you master the skill accordingly.

    All the best!
    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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  • I think once or twice a week is good.

    You are on the right track.

    If you need more idea, I suggest you should try to go to forum, looking at the new thread everyday.

    You can generate 10 blog posts just by looking at forums.

    Currently on mode of looking for growing traffic. If you have an offer, contact me by email:

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    What niche are you in? Maybe you have narrowed it down too much? If you are running out of ideas feed your primary keywrods into Google keyword tool and see the broad matches and exact matches that come up. You'll have topic ideas from there.
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    You shouldn't run out of things to say. They should be endless. Whats your niche? There's hundreds of topics in niches.
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    i post once a week and send a campaign newsletter once a week as well to my subscribers
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    Originally Posted by Mrnace View Post

    How often do you post on your blog?
    I'm afraid you're asking the wrong question, here.

    It isn't about "how often you do it": it's about where you do it.

    I have a few blogs, for my business. In theory, I update each of my niche blogs with a new post/article three times per month.

    In practice, it's pretty often only twice per month.

    That's plenty, though. And I say that as a full-time article marketer, myself. That's more than enough content for my entire business.

    Two key concepts to appreciate:

    1. Article marketing isn't about how many articles you have: it's about who reads them, how you use them to attract targeted traffic to your business and where they're published (if you're not spending many times as long as you spend writing them in arranging for their publication in the places where your targeted traffic is already looking, then you're really going fairly seriously wrong with your "content use");

    2. Publishing content only on your own site really isn't a traffic-generation plan at all, to all intents and purposes: the only traffic you can ever really hope to attract that way is a little bit of gradual, eventual, search-engine traffic and to put it mildly, for many reasons it's extremely difficult to make a living that way!

    Originally Posted by Mrnace View Post

    I have my website all set up and have been writing 1 to 2 articles a week since I started the site just over a month or so ago.
    That's more content than I've ever published on any of my niche sites. If I published as much content as that, I probably wouldn't have enough time to build my business or to make any money.

    Originally Posted by Mrnace View Post

    I feel I need especially in this early stage to be writing alot for the site
    I suspect you may be misleading yourself a little over the "for the site" part. I completely understand that you want and need to publish it there before you publish it anywhere else, of course (and you're quite right to do that: it would be a huge mistake to give anyone else your "unique content" rather than securing and gradually accumulating its initial indexation-rights for yourself, even though in the early stages of your business that may seem to make little difference), but it isn't going to help you much if that's the only place you publish it, is it? To use articles to get traffic, sticking it up on your own site and "waiting for people to come" isn't going to get you very far at all. I think "build it and they will come" stopped working some time during the 19th Century ...

    Content marketing is all about taking your content to where the targeted traffic you need to attract is already looking (and that doesn't mean article directories and Web 2.0 sites - it means places like this! ).

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      The title of this thread is a bit misleading xD
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        Originally Posted by omgfirstmillion View Post

        The title of this thread is a bit misleading xD
        Perfect example of having ones mind in the gutter + curiosity

        Don't worry, I'm writing this cause I clicked on the thread too

        (Would make for a great subject line)
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          It depends on your business model, your type of site, your niche, what you hope to achieve from it etc.

          Some of my sites only get 2-4 posts per month - some get 1-2 posts per day.

          Both work but they're very different types of sites.
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    Mrnace, it's all about being consistent. There isn't a "magic number" -- like 1 post a week or 10 posts a week. Instead, you need to come up with a schedule that you're comfortable with so that your readers know exactly what to expect from you.

    Since you're only a month in, I can't imagine that you have a *ton* of readers who are waiting on bated breath for your 2nd post of the week So, if you want to scale back to once a week, now's the time to do it.

    As far as running out of topics goes, don't worry about it. A quick look at Google News will show you what kind of developments have occurred in your niche. So will searching for specific hashtags on Twitter. You should also be reading the authoritative sites in your niche (or at least scanning through them on a regular basis). Another resource I use to come up with blog post ideas is my own inbox. I figure that if one person emailed me with a question, there are plenty more people out there who have the same question, but didn't bother to send me an email.

    Hope that helps!
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    I post everyday to my blog. I don't do it for search engine traffic, i do it for my opt-in leads and customers. They absorb and use my information, and *mysteriously* my sales and conversions go up because of it. Now there are alot of ways to drive external traffic to your blog... i just dont have time for it. If i spend money on advertising, the money is being spent by sending people to my home page.
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    Awesome. plenty of different view points showing that there maybe isn't a set formula for doing this. I'll stick to what I am doing.

    The Niche is in goal setting and peak performance. www. become the monster. com.

    Not getting many visitors and really want to get that higher. I post the blog on a fb page, twiiter and a g+ to get the traffic. More needs to be done.
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    I haven't used my blog on a very long time but i'm thinking to start writing again because i love to write and if you are good you can make money on it too!
    It's a hobby and it's really fun to have a blog...
    If you don't have one yet i think you should get one, just a tip

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    I do 2 a week. My blog is supplementary to what I do fulltime, (PPC/PPV affiliate marketing). As I continue to learn things, I blog about them. It's important to keep within the circles of your blog topic so you know what's hot at the moment and can site blog posts about them.
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    I'd say twice a week at a minimum.
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    I think you're doing fine. You should not worry about running out of ideas, what to write is infinite and you'll never run out of it. My advice to you is to always take note of everything that pops up on your mind related to what you are blogging about. From there you will be able to come up with a list of possible ideas to write just choose from any on your list.
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    Quality over quantity every time. Don't publish often for the sake of posting. Publish when you have a high quality post to share.

    I post everyday to my blog. I don't do it for search engine traffic, i do it for my opt-in leads and customers. They absorb and use my information, and *mysteriously* my sales and conversions go up because of it. Now there are alot of ways to drive external traffic to your blog... i just dont have time for it. If i spend money on advertising, the money is being spent by sending people to my home page.
    But you've told us before you don't put much effort into your blog posts and just like to get "something / anything" out so how can that be for your customers?

    Your customers want high quality posts they can put into action not any old post that's quickly written for the sake of posting something.
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    There is no set rules, you can go as your pace can carry you.

    While it's not recommended to make a post everyday because of certain issues like giving your readers time to digest every bit of your write up, however, you can make it between 3 to 5 per week.

    Again, there is no set rules, follow the news as it comes.
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    Try to do it every day

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    In most instances if you spend more time promoting your posts and less time writing you'll see better results.

    Writing for an empty blog gets you nowhere. Spend that time driving traffic to your site instead and watch your posts get the attention they deserve.
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      I have more than a few blogs that I produce content for on a weekly basis. Here is a trick that I use when developing content. I write 1 4000+ word post. I know it sounds ridiculous but hear me out.

      I then break down this post. Page one. 500 words or so about your subject, and lead into what the other posts will be about.

      Post 2 breaks out a specific of the original post.
      post 3 same
      post 4 same
      post 5 becomes the series conclusion.

      So as an example we are taking about a diet product. The first page would be about how everyone wants to be in better shape etc. What the product will do to meet your goals. etc the next post focusses on the benefits etc.. then the next you will cover what the ingredients are. how this may be different from other products etc. next post What you can do to make the product work better. drink water do exercise etc.end with a solid conclusion this product works blah blah blah

      So in the first post you want to link to each of the other pages. on each additional post you want to place somewhere before mid point that this is a part of a series of posts and link back to the first post. ( this along with using pagenation REALLY helps with SEO )

      When publishing your posts. you want to submit them in reverse order Last post first. this way when your visitors are looking at most recent posts they are seeing the "first" post on the top. and the others will follow in order.

      After you have done this a few times. you can actually skip the initial writing step and just write the articles seperately. This method has been very effective #1 in the readability of my writing, and #2 not so bad at getting articles listed well on search engines
      Success is an ACT not an idea
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    I try to post once a week on my regular blogs and 2-3 times a week on my YouTube-Videoblog. Interesting topic for me as a passionate blogger.
    Your free gift - Your affiliate pre-launch invite - never give up and have a nice day!
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      Two to three time a week is about all you need to do.

      But to get over that fear of running out of ideas, there is a simple solution.Write about nothing! I mean the simple things that we take for granted in our daily lives are of great interest to readers.

      Simply clear your mind and start writing about something that happened that day like your aunt coming to visit, having to stand in a long line at the bank, or losing your watch only to find it later. Then tie your story in to whatever you are promoting on your site. Works well!
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