Looking for a web developer partner to join me on elance - wordpress expert!

by WebJen
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I am looking for a web developer/ designer who is a Wordpress and Drupal expert to partner up with as a team. This person should have lots of experience in the HTML, php, CSS and MySQL databases that go behind the scenes of the popular cms platforms specifically Drupal and wordpress and be able to modify or create original modules or plugins.

I need someone with a large portfolio of websites built with Wordpress and Drupal! These must be complete sites and belong to you and you must be the one who developed all or most of them! The more advanced the websites are, the better; ecommerce sites, social networking sites, and forums are preferred.

Here is my plan. I help you and you help me! I work on elance.com and have gained a 5.0( highest feedback rating ) with 6 jobs, and a complete verified profile/resume. But I would like to move on to some bigger website jobs and higher paying ones and I need your help.

There are Two ways to make money here!

Do nothing, but Let me use your portfolio, experience and people phone skills and earn 10% of every job I get. I'll build the whole site. So if I get a $3000 job, you'll get $300.


We work together on the website and split the profits. We both get paid for the amount of work we do. If we both do half of the work, we split it 50/50 and so on.

What is hurting me is the fact that my portfolio doesn't have enough advanced and completed websites. I have about 10 partially developed websites but I don't have one fully completed one to show. This is because I don't have the time to complete a site I'm not getting paid for. I know it would pay off if I did and I know I can fully develop advanced websites but I don't have enough money to live off of while I work on it for weeks.

To summarize,
I will use you for your portfolio, skills and experience. You will use me for my skills, experience, my feedback and my ability to write great proposals to land us some high paying jobs!

Work from home
Telecommuting preferred
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