How to create a product? What knowledge or level of experience do I need to create a good product?

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JVZoo's top sold product brought in 7 figure revenue in 1 month.
It was a software. Most of us know about it. The name of the software
is not important here.

The most important part is that you can make big bucks creating products and selling them in a market place, to your mailing list, through affiliate networks and through paid ads.

The Question is - How to create a product? There is a WSO section on this forum where vendors sell their products. But the big problem there is the quality of many products. And this problem started from a mindset of simply and blindly re-doing PLRs and selling them.

The problem gets bigger when newbie vendors pretend to be a full timer IMer and make big promises about the performance of their products. They get caught in no time and find themselves in the middle of public rant.

Don't worry, I'm not stopping you from what you are doing now nor discouraging you from creating your own product. I'm simply here to give a few ideas about products that you'll be thanked for.

You won't have to make fake promises,
You won't have to spend money on the method for testing,
You won't need fake testimonials,
You won't even have to try your product whether it works or not.

You'll make products without all above and still they'll sell like crazy.
Your buyers will love you and buy from you over and over.

Here are some practical ideas-

=>>1. If you love writing and want to create a written product, life is easy for you. Go and work more and more, you can even hire someone to write for you and hire another to proof read the work. Give incentive for finding mistakes and penalize the writer for mistakes. Train your team this way, soon you'll get a great team of writers and proof readers. You'll utilize your time on something else like affiliate recruiting or learning how to write sales copy.

What you'll write? - Write 30 high quality unique articles from scratch, keyword rich and SEO friendly on a high demand niche.

Before you write the articles- Plan ahead and choose the topics for articles so that they can become a report or ebook when combined as an ebook.

How to get reviews? - Offer review copies in cheaper price for an honest review. Even if you get negative reviews, don't worry, correct the problems and come back and report that you've corrected the problems. If you do good work, reviews will become testimonials.

Launch your WSO, get reviews, sell a few copies and make a name in the market. Offer PLR rights for a higher price.

=>>2. Buy a video creation software and create videos. These softwares are pretty amazing. You're able to create videos using only little creativity and clicks of your mouse.

Will they work? - Sure. People are so much on fiverrs and other outsourcing sites to create videos. Make a pack of 30 videos and sell them. Even offer PLR rights for a higher price.

=>>3. Contact fiverrs that sold many copies of their gigs and ask them how they market their gig. Tell them the truth about what you are going to do with his/her tips. They'll not tell you anything unless you promise them an exposure inside your product. But these tips are real and pretty hard core.

=>>4. Go to odesk and find what types work people are mostly looking for and paying high price. Sort out what skills are common among people who are doing these jobs most frequently and put all the data in a pdf. Sell the reports to people eager to learn new skills and sell.

Do you like the product ideas? - Let me know.

You don't need to be a guru to create a killer product. You need a sincere intention to help people. That's it. Once you create a unique product, offer PLR rights for higher price. It'll be considered as gold.

This process of building authority is time consuming. But will crate a solid ground for you. Soon, you'll be known as an honest and popular vendor.

Wanna know how to find niches to create products on? - There are killer niches that buyers are looking for a hole to insert their money...

Let me know if you want to know about them...

Thanks if you've read the post.
Sorry if you hated it.
Thankful if you loved it.

-M. Bari
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    Great information! This is a Thanks buttong worth!
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        Thanks for your input.

        You have some very good advice in here.

        However, I want to add to this.

        First, when it comes to product creation in general there are plenty of other niches then IM and MMO to create a product in.

        It seems to me when people talk about product creation they always refer to the IM marked.

        This is part of the problem you are referring to when it comes to newbies and product creation, since most of those new comers will try to create products in "how to make money online" long before they have made a dime online themselves. Not easy for a blind person to assist a visually impaired person over a highly trafficked street, so to speak.

        We see it all the time in this forum as well. People come to this forum and ask very basic questions on how to make money online and have a sig file telling people that they will teach people how to become a millionaire online. And they don't even understand what's wrong with it.

        End of the rant :-)

        So what can a non experienced marketer do if he or she absolutely wants to enter the IM or MMO marketplace?

        The OP has laid out some don'ts, so let me give out what you can do.

        Mathew Olson has a fantastic WSO product on WSO creation where he addresses this subject, and without destroying his WSO, I will just give out some hints.

        1. Create an add-on product.

        When you see a good product come out on the marketplace create a product (service) that supplements this product. Sample; When Austin E Anthony came out with his product "Affiliate Passive Commissions" there were several other that came out with PLR articles as a WSO matching this system for different affiliate products shortly after. There are many more samples of this kind of add-on WSOs.

        2. Create a case study WSO.

        When a good product comes out, buy it and implant the method. Take notes and screen shoots of the process. If you find something that not works as well as the sales copy tells, find a solution to it. When you have some result to show for it, release a WSO about how you made money by doing what a WSO told you to do, and what changes you had made. This way, you don't have to be faking anything, and you will shortly become the "go to" person in your field.

        This just some samples on how to create good product people will love to buy and will love you for doing.

        Best the luck from me.
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    Yes the case study idea is a really good one actually.

    You can always add your own twist to it and add value to the initial product, and people love seeing results. That's a good selling point you can use to market the product.
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    Great information! I believe that anyone who thinks if he is capable enough to create a product, isn't really good enough. But, yeah, I would never buy a product that doesn't make a good ROI.
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