My post Count is not increasing

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i wonder if i can have an exact post count
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    Originally Posted by sadecent View Post

    Do u know what the possible reason for this.
    Yes, I think so: it's normally a combination of one or more of these three things ...

    (i) Posts in "Off Topic" don't count toward the total;

    (ii) Posts in the WSO Forum don't count toward the total (you seem to have posted there, quite a bit?);

    (iii) Posts made in threads subsequently removed by the moderators (often through no fault at all of your own) are deducted from the total.

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    Alexa explained this perfectly. For most the reason it is not adding in the post count is because the posts in the WSO forum does not count. I have seen that question come up a couple of times in the last week.

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    My posts are increasing as I post now whether on the WSO Forum or on the Discussion Thread. But the 50+ posts I previously made on the WSO Forum and displayed under Profile/Find posts by... are not included. Oh well. Keep checking back. Thanks.
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      My posts are increasing as I post now
      Because you are posting in two threads about "post count".
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    thanks guys , yes i mostly contribute in WSO sections..
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      Originally Posted by Frank Morgan View Post

      I think you should share your problem with Thomas or any other one in Helpdesk!
      Then in your enthusiasm to get as many posts on the board as possible, you clearly haven't read the thread at all, Frank. Sometimes reading them does help! Interesting (though incorrect) observation about Thomas, though, from someone who apparently became a member only today ... I wonder how long this username will last you? My guess is in hours, not in days ...
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    Thanks for the asking the question Alexa and thanks to those who replied. That had me scratching my head for a bit.
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    Why does it matter? So you can get "Cred"? If so, just post meaningless crap like most others, but be sure to add "Hope this helps" at the end.
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    Seriously, ten good/well thought out and relevant posts or discussions on Warrior forum would be far more relevant than 1000 meaningless posts. Just focus on providing the best content every time you are here, rather than a meaningless 'post count' number which says nothing about your post quality. Provide quality and people will respect you. Focus on post count and they will see through you.
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