What Is a Simple Cheap Business to Start?

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I have extremely limited funds to invest but want to start a genuine internet business. Ruling out article writing, becoming a VA, fiverr gigs etc. (not really a business, more of a JOB), what would you recommend?
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    My first online job was and is to this day a local business directory. I sell slots and featured ads to local merchants. Very low start-up cost, around $40.
    Hope that helps.
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      Originally Posted by dudelive View Post

      My first online job was and is to this day a local business directory. I sell slots and featured ads to local merchants. Very low start-up cost, around $40.
      Hope that helps.
      This idea interests me, would you mind telling us how much you sold the slots for? Also, did you have any trouble making the website popular? I assume a site like is only worth something to businesses if it has actual local traffic.
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    Choose a popular niche and segment it.

    Get some PLR products and repurpose / rebrand / rewrite / make it better and target it for your segmented niche. You can even choose an affiliate offer from clickbank / jvzoo as your product (saves on time and costs of setting up your plr)

    Set up a marketing funnel.

    Get some affiliates / JV partners and help them to promote your offer (if you have your own product as a front end).

    Generate more traffic via social media and solo mails, forums etc.

    Build a list of prospects and clients (via your sales funnel).

    Find a way to automate the marketing and you have a business.
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    Building a list and marketing to it can be done for a very minimal cost - if you're willing to have patience.

    Creating info products will build a list faster than almost any other method, and costs nothing but your time.

    What are you the most knowledgeable about? Can you see yourself creating info products in the MMO, Health, Relationship, or Fanatic Hobby market? If so, this would be the perfect online business for you.

    It's a real business that doesn't require the consent of others online (such as selling on Ebay, or creating an Adsense empire).

    I'd highly encourage you to look into creating info products, and building a list using those products.
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    Plenty of possibilities.

    10 off the top of my head...

    1. Affiliate Blog.
    2. Information Product.
    3. List Building
    4. Domain &/ or Website Flipping
    5. Social Network Affiliate Marketing
    6. Web Design
    7. Social Media Management
    8. Pay Site
    9. Niche Forum
    10. Media Buying

    I Coach: Learn More | My Latest WF Thread: Dead Domains/ Passive Traffic

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    PS : you can start a list for free incl a landing page @ getresponse. They have 30 day free trial, you do not even need a website.

    Get a lead in product and create an email sales funnel.
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      Originally Posted by origin View Post

      PS : you can start a list for free incl a landing page @ getresponse. They have 30 day free trial, you do not even need a website.

      Get a lead in product and create an email sales funnel.
      I agree with this. When I first started i used getresponse free 30 day trial created a opt-in page, built a email list, and promoted clickbank products to my email list making commissions. With absolutely no investment for 30 days

      Affiliate Link in Signatures are not allowed.

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        I think getting your feet wet in Affiliate Marketing is a good possibility for you.

        You can truly start with limited funds.

        You can start a blog for free.( But advise you might want to splurge for the $10 a
        month to get paid hosting for security and creative purposes.)

        - Robert Andrew
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    Offering a service is probably the cheapest way to start an online business.
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      Dear Poster: Your opportunity is in your signature where it should be don't advertise your sig file in the thread it will get you banned. Just a friendly fyi.

      To the OP. I suggest learn the ropes first before you join an opportunity online. The wf is the perfect place to learn how to market. Everything you need is right here.

      Originally Posted by EPoltrack77 View Post

      Well if your coachable then I suggest signing up with my opportunity by clicking below! A low fee under twenty bucks with no upsells or bs like you usually see.

      It an opportunity where you can either go out and market just the product which has a huge demand all by itself plus you have the ability to go out and build yourself a team and earn commission on sales your team does.

      Like I said, just one low payment and no other upsells and you do not have to buy resell rights to sell the business opportunity.

      One last thing...

      Because this is for me and my team you will be working directly with me helping you along the way. When you earn I earn so its in my only best interest to teach you to go out and make sales on your own and thats what I do. People charge hundreds if not thousands to have access to the knowledge I have learned the past five years being in this industry.

      Going back to the beginning if you have even a small budget to work with for your marketing I suggest first learning then starting a PPC campaign. When done correctly it's far cheaper than any solo ad seller and just as targeted if not more so...

      If you don't have a budget to work with that is fine as well. I share some free strategies that when you implament and take action on a daily basis you will begin to prime the funnel and send targeted visitor to your landing page but it takes time. Couple of days to a couple of weeks to a couple of months and so forth...

      Paid marketing I can have targeted traffic within just a couple of hours.
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    Originally Posted by dalepubs View Post

    I have extremely limited funds to invest but want to start a genuine internet business. Ruling out article writing, becoming a VA, fiverr gigs etc. (not really a business, more of a JOB), what would you recommend?
    Buy a domain and create a landing page with a specific offer to solve a specific problem for a specific demographic. As you collect emails, promote a proven affiliate products which solves the specific problem. Then, offer them products which solve other problems they might have.

    After a year of this, you'll have plenty of ideas for creating your own product to promote to that list...then you're on your way.
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    Originally Posted by dalepubs View Post

    I have extremely limited funds to invest but want to start a genuine internet business. Ruling out article writing, becoming a VA, fiverr gigs etc. (not really a business, more of a JOB), what would you recommend?
    Buy a domain and create a landing page with a specific offer to solve a specific problem for a specific demographic. As you collect emails, promote a proven affiliate products which solves the specific problem. Then, offer them products which solve other problems they might have.

    Cost Breakdown:

    $15 to register the domain.
    $15 a month for hosting with Host Gator
    $10 a month for using "MailChimp" to build your list

    $200 to have someone create your landing page.
    $10 a day to start driving paid traffic.

    Lump Sum Total to Start:


    Monthly Total to Build:


    After a year of this, you'll have plenty of ideas for creating your own product to promote to that list...then you're on your way.
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  • Start building a list in whatever niche you have and learn how to give 80% value and 20% marketing to them.

    This is the best method for whatever niche you are in.

    Need a Coach to generate leads and TRIPLE your online business income?
    Let me Inspire and Empower You!
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    It doesn't cost anything other than your time to write books for the Kindle marketplace. If you're good at design, you can design your own covers. If not, you can probably get a halfway decent one from Fiverr for $5. It isn't as easy to make money through Kindle books as it used to be, but write a few books on the right topics and you should be able to make enough to at least pay for your monthly web hosting and GetResponse or AWeber so you can start building a list.

    "A bargain is something you don’t need at a price you can’t resist."
    -Franklin Jones

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    Couple of quick questions
    • Whats your passion?
    • Whats the thing that you love doing?
    • What are you good or even great at?

    Best thing is to start with what you love, ask how you can provide value to people in that field and then how can you make money from it.
    I've got 99 problems but a niche ain't one
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    The best and safest way to make money is to sell Wholesale/Liquidated/Closeouts to the various Marketplaces, like eBay, Amazon, Flea Markets and your own garage sales.
    You can buy a pallet of merchandise for $200-$600, sort, scan, research, price, pack and ship to Amazon.

    They do all the rest, store, pick, pack, ship to your Customer when they buy! All for a small monthly storage fee and free 2 day shipping, with a Professional ($39 month) Account. Customer Service, Complaints and Returns are also handled by Amazon for the $39 month fee.

    Amazon had International Warehouses and Distribution networks, so this works worldwide.
    Any Online Business worth starting requires some investment and this one had tangible products you will never lose money on.

    You can start you own Amazon FBA business for less than $1000, with the potential in the hundreds of thousands quite quickly! Go to YouTube and search 'Amazon FBA' for more information - Good Luck!

    Affiliate links aren't allowed.

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    Originally Posted by dalepubs View Post

    I have extremely limited funds to invest but want to start a genuine internet business. Ruling out article writing, becoming a VA, fiverr gigs etc. (not really a business, more of a JOB), what would you recommend?
    Maybe I'm in the minority here, but it seems to me that if you're asking that question, you're probably not ready to start a business at all.

    Starting a business isn't like picking your dinner from a menu or deciding what sweater you want to wear today. It's a long-term investment -- both in time and money -- and should be based on an analysis of not only market demands and opportunities also what you have to offer: whether that's a specific skill or talent, a passion, money or other resources, or connections and networks that you can build upon. Ideally, you have all of the above and if so, the right business for you to start -- if there is one -- will be obvious to you.

    Asking strangers on a public forum what business to start seems like a recipe for failure.
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      Originally Posted by kilgore View Post

      Asking strangers on a public forum what business to start seems like a recipe for failure.
      Or a recipe for confusion and frustration. If you have extremely limited funds, you should keep it in your pocked and invest in getting educated in the fundamentals first. Example, marketing, building a list, building traffic, etc.

      Investing in a business with extremely limited funds as you say is like taking a crap shoot. If you don't hit it dead center the first time say bye-bye to your limited funds. Reality check: Sounds like you may need to get a job or save some money first.
      Download "Free 80 Page E-Book"
      "201 Ways To Live Better On Less Money".
      "Because The Easiest Way To Make Money is ... ... By Saving Some First!"
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    I recommend you start a real business because in the long term its going to bring massive rewards.

    Its your choice if you invest big or small.

    See it for yourself:

    1. Buy a domain and hosting: $65 in Bluehost.com
    2. Get MainChimp autoresponder which is free up to 500 subscribers.
    3. Grab a free optin box from Wordpress plugins.
    4. Become an affiliate for products within your niche.
    5. Create good content for your readers.
    6. Do SEO posts to get traffic to your blog. (this will take from 3-6 months)

    Yearly cost: $65

    Do this for at least 6 months and you are going to start getting a lot of traffic and optins.

    With a descent email list you will make good money as long as you are a good email marketer.
    Visit My Blog To Fast Track Your Internet Marketing Success:
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    Ok then. How do I delete my posts?

    Check out my blog for a real free opportunity to make money online.

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      Originally Posted by dm4chrome View Post

      Ok then. How do I delete my posts?
      Click the edit button and select delete post.

      Also, affiliate links are only allowed in a paid classified. They are strictly forbidden on the main forum.
      Get Off The Warrior Forum Now & Don't Come Back If You Want To Succeed!
      All The Real Marketers Are Gone. There's Nothing Left But Weak, Sniveling Wanna-Bees!
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        Thank you very much.

        Check out my blog for a real free opportunity to make money online.

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      Clarity is a HUGE part of IM success. I hope this post brings some clarity. It's so simple when you know it -- and darn difficult when you don't! I owe my mentors a world of thanks for bringing this clarity.

      IM is actually pretty simple: you can sell only one of two things:

      1. Products
      2. Services

      That's it!

      And selling products or services online happens in the same basic way for everyone, no matter what they're selling:

      Traffic > Opt-in page > Autoresponder series (or e-zine) > Sales page

      That's it! It's just that simple. (We IMers tend to overcomplicate things.)

      But no matter what your niche is, or whether you're selling a product or a service, do you know what your business model is?

      A business model is the framework or skeleton of your business. Essentially there are three types of online business models:

      1. Membership-based model

      A membership-based business model allows you to build a community of people (your members) who are as passionate about your subject as you are. Your membership fees can be monthly or annual, but either way, you're building recurring, passive income.

      There are a lot of resources and information out there to help you build a membership-based business if you're interested in doing this.

      2. Product-based model

      Selling products allows you to maximize your time and effort by selling items over and over again. This can be hard goods or it can be information products. Information marketing is it's own business model under the product-based model. Information marketing allows you to take your brain to the bank by creating a product ONCE based on what you know and selling it over and over again.

      Affiliate marketing falls under both models. You can choose to market either products or services as an affiliate.

      3. Service-based model

      Selling services can be great for 1) generating quick cash (as in the case of article writing or video producing) and 2) establishing your expertise and getting testimonials.

      However, in the long run, your goal should be to offer services at a PREMIUM. The biggest advantage of IM is LEVERAGE. You're able to leverage your time, money and expertise exponentially online. We all have just 24 hours each day. Time to get ruthless about what you expect for those hours you spend in IM each day. Expect more of yourself and more from your business friends, clients, partners, etc.

      What results are you getting for those hours you spend online each day? Ultimately, your services should be at the bottom of your funnel and cost the most since they involve your time and personal attention. (We all have a limited amount of time each day.)

      The fun (and confusion) comes in with all of the endless mix-and-match possibilities of the above models. If you're just starting or still struggling to make money, keep it simple:

      Pick just ONE!

      1. Pick ONE niche. (Something you're interested in and know something about.)

      2. Pick ONE target market for your product or service. (Who will buy what you're offering? The more specific you are, the more you narrow it down, the more successful you'll be.)

      3. Pick ONE business model.

      Now that you're clear about what business you're in, FOCUS! (And stop buying any info not related to your niche and target market, period!)

      F -- Follow
      O -- One
      C -- Course
      U -- Until
      S -- Successful

      And remember: build a list, Build a List, BUILD A LIST!

      In IM, it's easy to put the cart before the horse. Take a deep breath, step back and consider what type of business you REALLY want. Don't worry about getting traffic or buying that expensive traffic product until you know 1) what your business model is, 2) what niche you're in and 3) WHO your target market is!

      Successful business people will tell you that MARKETING is more than half the effort that's needed for success anyway. So pick a niche, target market and business model. Then spend most of your time and effort marketing it.

      If you DON'T have a solid plan or system, THAT'S when it's hard. A good system will shave YEARS (and save you big $$$) off of your learning curve

      That's why I recommend investing in at least one good, comprehensive IM course (or mentor who will give you such a system) instead of jumping from one $37 e-book to the next. A lot of people here complain about not being able to make any money. But neither are they willing to invest in their business. (Buying a random bunch of $37 e-books doesn't count.)

      The best thing I ever did was invest in a comprehensive IM course aimed at REAL business owners, not just other IM wannabes. Yes it was $1500. (It's no longer available.) But it was truly some of the best A-Z IM info I ever bought. Everything else I've learned (from the $37 e-books) since has simply been plugged into this system.

      My two best recommendations for phenomenal IM training programs are Ali Brown's Elevate program (ElevateBizTraining.com) and Jeff Walker's Product Launch Formula (ProductLaunchFormula.com)

      Get a solid plan or system and then work the plan!

      Hope this helps!

      "You can't market here. This is a marketing discussion forum!"
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      Originally Posted by apocalypsejay View Post

      become a super spammer lol. Also, I spam the heck out of youtube and facebook.
      Becoming a spammer is not a real business, getting banned and having your IP blocked eventually is not in the best interest to the Original poster IMHO.
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        I'll throw my suggestion in the ring here and say Craigslist of course that is kind of a hbrid online/offline business. If you don't mind dealing with people face to face I have made quite a bit of money thanks to CL.
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      whoa whoa wait a minute. I though it was forbidden to post affiliate links? Looks like one to me. Also, does anyone know how to start a thread? I am lost, please help. Thanks.

      Check out my blog for a real free opportunity to make money online.

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    Setting up your own niche directory is a great idea. Choose a niche i.e shoe shops and create an online directory around this niche. It will only cost you the price of the annual hosting!
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    You might enjoy running a ecommerce store. I know a chap in London who dropships trendy shoes to men and women. He loves it and makes good income
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    dalepubs, my question to you is: what unique skills, ideas, services, products, etc. do you have to give that is valuable for a specific audience?
    "Ask not what you can receive, but what you can GIVE!"

    - Jordan Siegel
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    The one thing I would recommend is to create your own product like information in the form of ebook, videos, audios, webinar or coaching. This would give you credibility and brand in the IM space. Reggie.
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    Are you looking for Residual Income? Are you looking to stock physical inventory? What is the ROI are you looking for? Are you setting up a business to make a significant profit or just to keep you 'busy' and cover the expenses? Lots of questions. :-)

    That being said, I have experienced ALL forms and my '2 cents' worth of advice is to start something that provides you with passivity of income.

    If you are looking at an on-line model (which I gather you are based on your post), then membership type sites would do the trick. You can also become a Hosting Reseller which does not require any capital injection at start up. Although a competitive industry, there is still money to be made. And there are good reading material out there that are free or inexpensive on the requirements on starting this type of business. One such book entitled: Getting Managing Your First 1,000 Clients In Web Hosting by Abrahim Ikasud comes to mind. It is available on the net. Just search for it.

    If you are interested in off-line, then rental types might be your objective. Small tools, equipment and so forth. Without more information, that is the best that I can suggest.

    Hope it helps.
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    You may start from some decent and respectable hosts like A2hosting.com and QHoster.com.
    They provide reliable and low cost hosting services aiming at meeting the needs of all their clients.
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    I'd like to know too. I've heard that affiliate marketing can work really well.
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    start affiliate marketing, and take the free course of affiiorama by Mark Ling.
    review the products on free blog service site like blogger, weebly, wordlpress and start driving traffic!!!!

    Join or use my translation group! All languages!

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    My thanks to all contributors for their input. Food for thought.
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    Become A Solo Ads Broker.

    This is AWESOME! eCover design just got affordable & fast. No need to hire designers! Check it out Click here

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    Its not necessary to create your own product. Just be a great 'middle-man' who can help bring the 'solution' to the people who have problem. Some product creator have create a great 'solution' but lack of marketing knowledge to reach people with the problem. So, your task is to stand between the solution and problem. Maybe we can learn something from the jokes below.

    Father : "I want you to marry a girl of my choice"

    Son : "I will choose my own bride!"

    Father : "But the girl is Bill Gates daughter.."

    Son : "Well, in that case.....ok"

    Next - Father approaches Bill Gates.

    Father : "I have a husband for your daughter."

    Bill Gates : "But my daughter is too young to marry!"

    Father : "But this young man is a vice-president of the World Bank."

    Bill Gates : "Ah, in that case...ok"

    Finally Father goes to see the president of the World Bank.

    Father : "I have a young man to be recommended as a vice-president. "

    President : "But I already have more vice- presidents than I need!"

    Father : "But this young man is Bill Gates son-in-law."

    President : "Ah, in that case...ok"
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    Hi dalepubs

    I have read this complete thread and agree with you completely. Food for thought! Kudos to you for starting it! I would like to add my opinion on the subject. First and foremost I think you have a very good point in the distinction between an online business and an online job. I think sustainability is the key factor to determine which is which. Let's say you become an affiliate marketer. You buy traffic and send it to an offer. Let's say its a piece of software valued at 35$. You make 20$ for every sale and have to pay for traffic. Not bad, but it's a deal that is living and dying by delivering new fresh traffic. If you were to stick a squeeze page of your own in between the offer and you traffic then you would end up "owning" the lead weather he buys the offer or not. To make things even cooler you can pre pop the squeeze so no one is the wiser.. Once you start doing this you are actually working towards something that can sustain itself in the longer term.... A business.. :-)

    I really think that being able to build a relationship with these leads instead of just letting them straight in the hands of the product creator you are promoting..

    Once you list starts growing and the relationship with you list starts to exist you will see endless possibilities to profit from it :-)
    Follow my personal blog Andyfrance.com Traffic Generation + Online Marketing
    My personal Facebook Profile To follow my crazy "Dot Com Lifestyle"
    Sign up for my FREE List Building Course [Super NEWBIE Friendly] 7 Days To 100$
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    Starting your own Internet business is a great idea! Since you don't want to provide services online, assess your skills and try to find something you're good at. Identify your niche and start a blog. Provide fresh information, come up with something new, and build your reputation online. As your site grows and gets traffic, you'll make a nice income.
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    I would consider starting a blog, build a reputation in a particular are so you are looked upon as some expert, and then begin to sell products by posting links to you blog
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    Depends on what sort of internet business you want to do.

    Own a website?
    Social media?

    There's a lot of things you can do if you set your mind to it. Just pick something, get learning and most importantly get started!

    All the best
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    the only website what I find that is really work is home job group and you can start working the second day after you sign in is home job group. The most important think is that you are payed per hour or per a complete task. I guess I cant share a link with you but you can check on the web.. also you can find many previews and comments which are 90% positive.
    I hope this will help.. have a great time
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      One of the very best business models is the direct sale of an in-demand digital solution to a common problem or need.

      It involves a simple web site, an autoresponder service (to collect subscribers and nurture them over time), a compelling sales letter, a way to handle the financial transaction, and a way to deliver the digital product. That's all the infrastructure you need.

      Even if you can't, or don't care to develop your own product, you can have that done for or you can license a product created by someone else. In the latter case, often you will get a sales letter to go with the product.

      The whole thing is very easy to do. A great web site template and WordPress is one easy solution for the platform.

      You can use a service like e-Junkie (with PayPal) to handle the financial transaction and product delivery.

      What remains is driving traffic and nurturing your subscribers which you'll want to do regardless of the method of monetization you choose.


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Choose a niche.
    Become a affiliate for a product in that niche
    Set up a funnel for building a list
    Join facebook groups in that niche daily
    Begin interacting and posting ads in those groups daily with a link to your funnel.
    Interact and promote more products to subscribers of your list
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    Selling Information Products through affiliate marketing, which results in LIST building, is a very inexpensive venture overall. I started with my own interests, writing articles I wanted to write, then it became a website, with affiliate products and, subsequently, lists. The FOCUS principle someone mentioned is important. There are many options, but pick ONE thing to start with and give it 150% until it begins working, then you can add to your stream a little at a time through other opportunities. Multiple Streams of Income are the best way, but people trying to start out that way get overwhelmed, unfocused and give up quickly from frustration. Many online businesses have been started on a shoestring budget. The key is to find something that inspires YOU, something you are passionate about and really believe in; making that decision based solely on upfront money isn't a good idea. So what inspires you? Good Luck!
    Unique, professional content written with a passion for quality! Write Away Web Content
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