Must Have Qualities for an Internet Marketer or any Online Entrepreneur

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I once viewed myself as a complete amateur to internet marketing while simultaneously thinking I could acquire a full-head of the basic (and advanced) internet marketing fundamentals in a couple of days tops.. I was wrong to begin with. Of course you want to take action immediately and implement the strategies that you've learned while acquiring this knowledge but I've learned that reading only a couple articles just won't help you in making that giant leap to the next step.

That next step for me was confidently knowing that I can start a long-term internet marketing business right now. For example, when I first started reading about internet marketing, I learned a little bit about PPC and how it can make you money very quickly and whatnot. I read probably two or three strategic articles on it and immediately thought that I could make a fortune right away. That's were I was wrong again.

I overlooked the basic fundamentals of long-term internet marketing such as: copywriting, email marketing, SEO, website development, and content marketing. These are all important elements to implement into your internet marketing business if you want to have long-term success. Especially email marketing, but, I wouldn't count none of these out.

The purpose of this thread is to provide amateur and advanced internet marketers with two qualities that helped me get over the hump to actually starting an affiliate marketing business.

1. Love reading!

Why does an internet marketer have to love reading?

Because reading is one way of learning very quickly. Set time aside to specifically read two or articles a day on specific elements of internet marketing. After a week of doing this, you'll have acquired knowledge from about 10 to 15 articles. In two weeks, about 20 to 30 articles and then you'll gain more confidence that you can actually start an internet business. I also bought ebooks, courses, and even followed youtube videos. The more knowledge you acquire, the more confidence you'll feel in the progression of your attitude and the growth in your knowledge of internet marketing. Personally, I recommend doing this for about three weeks and then take action, don't forget, take action!

2. Implement...

This goes hand and hand with the first quality.. Why?

Because as you're reading and absorbing this knowledge, you should also be taking notes and coming up with your own strategies. Theirs a better chance that you'll remember something if you write it down. This is also taking action! Why?

Because accumulating the strategies that you've learned from numerous resources can allow you to easily craft your own business model in many ways. Your ideas will come from these many resources so building your business structure while reading and taking notes. Right these ideas down then turn them into basic business structures.

Start simple also. You don't have to dig deep into the realm to internet marketing. Just create simple business structures around the basic internet marketing elements and grow from there.

I know this thread isn't perfect but these are the two steps that got me over the hump to starting my own business. I hope these two simple steps help whoever is reading this, especially beginners, and I also hope to connect with people on this forum and make friends. I like meeting new people rather it being in person or over the internet.

Share your thoughts on what qualities you think an amateur internet marketer should have. I will most definitely appreciate the knowledge that anyone has to share.

Jordan Daniels
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      I would scratch off "Amateur" from your title and add "(or any online businessman)" after Marketer.

      To me putting amateur in one's title is sort of like saying you're trying to do something but with no intention of actually succeeding. You're either executing work or you're not.

      Additionally, however I would say that, generally speaking, persistence and continual discipline to get things done are literally must have traits any business people online need to make it in the long run.
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      You're right Tajh!
      After you realize the full-scope and landscape of internet marketing, everything else in between starts to come into the light. It's an amazing feeling that adds another push of motivation with you. It feels like an award.
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    Great post!

    Other qualities we all need would be Patience and Hunger for Success.
    You have to be patient, not everything will go your way but you can't stop.
    The Hunger for Success is important too. You have to have the mindset that you will succeed no matter what because with that, you will do everything to be successful.
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      I just changed it heavysm, is it a more compelling title now?

      Thanks for that tip also. I am always looking for little tips that make biggest differences in getting someone to click on my headline.

      Also, persistence pretty much sums up to being the most essential quality of any successful human being. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.

      JimsonWright, patience is a huge must have in my opinion because of exactly what you said "..not everything will go your way.." Love the response my friend.
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  • Another important aspect of achieving success in the IM world is to set your mind and focus on learning IM first rather than thinking how soon you can make money online. It is hard to achieve the success you want if you are always thinking how soon you will make money or how much you can make out of your IM business. Most people fail because they easily give up once their (financial) expectations are not met ahead.
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    The 2 top qualities you need is following a working model and taking action.

    First look for someone who is already where you want to be. Tell him to mentor you.

    Once you built your plan. Take massive action.

    It's that simple.


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    Originally Posted by jordand870 View Post

    I overlooked the basic fundamentals of long-term internet marketing such as: copywriting, email marketing, SEO, website development, and content marketing. These are all important elements to implement into your internet marketing business if you want to have long-term success. Especially email marketing, but, I wouldn't count none of these out.
    Good post Jordan. I call these skills and I think most people fail because they do not master at a least a couple of them. You can always outsource some parts of your Internet business once you are earning a profit, but before that you need some Internet marketing skills you can fall back on.
    Jeff Schuman - SEO Blog Writer For Hire! Buy affordable, SEO, quality, MMO niche blog articles. Fast turnaround.
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  • Yeah, this is definitely what it takes to Become Successful in ANYTHING!

    You must have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge in your particular field, and then APPLY what you learn!

    Take Absolutely INSANE Inspired Action Fam!

    YOURS In Prosperity,

    Omar "Power Moves" Adams
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    One great thing about having a team (in whatever company you're a part of), is that you can utilize each others strengths. I love to research, and I can come up with ideas for marketing, business, and connecting with people, on the fly, easily. Taking action and doing the smaller steps of implementation are less of a strength for me. That's why I have my team. I can come up with great ideas, and then they can action them! We both make money, and are all happy.
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