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When I was a kid, in the early 80s, (yes, I am that old) my father, who is a brilliant man and owns several patents in his own right, enlisted me to help produce an invention created by one of his colleagues.

It was a computer, called the AIM 65. Google it. It's real and the information is out there. These were the early days of computing. This computer did not connect to a monitor...it used a ticker-tape.

It was my job to create the circuit boards for this computer. Eventually, once I became proficient, I assembled the entire machine.

But at first, it was only the circuit board.

My Dad explained that I'd be paid a set rate for each board, and walked me through making the first few.

Of the first five boards I made on my own...it took me over 40 minutes per board, and upon inspection my father told me only one could be presented as passable, and the cost of the parts of the others were on my account. I was in the hole, losing money. My Dad pointed out my cloudy welds, my imprecision, and my general sloppiness.

He was nice about it, but not pleased, and said "It's up to you to create a system that works, because Pete (Santi) needs production at this point; he's a friend of mine and I'll not go into my pocket any further to fix what you have done poorly."

Kids these days don't get that kind of frank talk.

Within two months, the messy, awful circuit boards that took me over 40 minutes to make...I was making with absolute pristine quality in 5 to 6 minutes.

Forty minutes to produce crap, but with practice down to five minutes to produce a board that rivaled, nay BEAT, any automated process at the time.

I'm writing this for me as much as for you. To remind myself of the process we need to go through to achieve...well...anything.

Shiny Objects, blah blah blah. There are so many things that actually WORK these days to make money online, but we get discouraged because it's hard, it's laborious, it doesn't work the first time, or the second or the fifth or tenth.

We have no notion, these days, of Endurance. The endurance I had so long ago because I couldn't let my father down. The endurance I had because I was a kid instead of an adult. Because I wasn't yet jaded and had support from someone I trusted. The endurance I had because I wanted a pair of hockey skates, and not a million dollar home and a new identity as a 'success' within not years, but days.

Warriors, slow down. You can do it. And again, I reiterate this story as much for myself as it is for you.

Pick something.




In the beginning you may think you're lost. You'll spend 40+ minutes on a circuit board that doesn't work and is absolute garbage. But if you stick with it...within a very short time you'll be cranking out stuff that works, that has value to your customers, and it can happen in less time than you could have possibly anticipated given your early blunders, gropings and failures.

At an advanced aged, I'm re-learning this message myself. This IM thing can and will work, at least to some degree, for all of us if we have the right mindset....AND...the Endurance.

My very BEST to YOU, of a like mind, this holiday season, and let's rock 2016!

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    Great story, thank you for sharing it

    Good luck also in 2016!
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