Developing Your Self Confidence

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When we're born, we have all the self confidence in the world. Babies roll, crawl, then walk without giving up. There's never a question or thought in our minds at this developmental stage to stop. But somewhere along the way, people's negative "you can't" attitude toward your development can start to get to you. It starts to eat away at that confidence you had in your capabilities. I'm here to help you get that confidence back in yourself. Look within, listen to that undefeatable little kid again that's been buried inside! You have the self-confidence just waiting to resurface, so let it out now!

So with all that being said, please check out my Vlog! I am very passionate about helping people in their path to self discovery. I would appreciate any feedback and any topics you'd like to hear about. Thanks, and check out the link below!

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    Cool video! You know, you're right, society and media (and then other negative people) constantly bombard us with too high standards and more people than we think are walking around broken and depressed. You need to wake up as a person, stop listening to BS, fix whatever has broken and rebuild yourself to become yourself 2.0. It's hard and it takes years, but what other choice do you have?
    About confidence, a really cool tool I've tried and LOVED that gave me confidence with people is this boxing training simulator that taught and trained me to become very elusive against punches and pretty good with my hands, so now I'm a lot less afraid of other men and have much more confidence. Try it at - you don't have to buy it, there are tons of freebies!

    Got type-2 Diabetes? Here's how to get rid of it with healthy nutrition (Worked for both my parents!) ---- Worried about the future? Learn how to survive the end of the world

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    Thank you for taking the time to record your vlog! You are absolutely right we are born with self-confidence, and we do lose it because we are afraid of failing, making mistakes, pressure from society and media. Self-confidence is a learned skill, and we need to constantly develop it and work at it so we do not lose it.

    I would also like to add that there are two things that contribute to self-confidence: self-efficiency and self-esteem. We gain a sense of self-efficiency when we master skills and achieve goals that matter to us. This gives us the confidence that if we learn and work hard, we will succeed. Self-esteem in a more general sense means that we can cope with what pops up in our lives and that we have the right to be happy.

    I particularly enjoyed your points on "effort is between you and you" and repeating, repeating, repeating will allow you to see your self-confidence growth.

    Thank you again for your time and your thoughts - really encouraging stuff here.
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    "I can't" this sentence is killer of confidence. Nothing is impossible. If you take a look on ALi Baba's owner Jack Ma Yun, you will see how can loser can be a winner. So we all have potential to do almost anything. What keeps us away is lack of confidence. I think we must practice regularly to develop our confidence. YouTube, Blogs can be our helping hand.
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    The cosmic master's confidence builder program is a godsend.

    Vouch for it.
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      Originally Posted by Jose Fourino View Post

      The cosmic master's confidence builder program is a godsend.

      Vouch for it.
      The Dream Matrix is the most immersive experience I've had.

      I shapeshifted to another person.
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    Self-confidence is incredibly powerful, I wanted to watch your video, but it's set to private!
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