Jamais Content: Positive or Negative Motivation Concept?

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You don't have to fluent in French to know what it means, do you? Are you a jamais content type? What does it mean? Well, in plain English, it means that you are never satisfied, but in a good way. You're always pushing forward. You're fighting for better things. It's like that famous motto better-stronger-faster-more, something like that. So, what can possibly go wrong with this helpful motivation principle? Well, if you exaggerate, you can easily get in trouble. How?

I believe that insisting on your jamais content situation makes sense until you achieve your specific goal. If you go on like this, then you are very likely to end up in a loop of endless dissatisfaction and frustration. I treat it as a medicament. You should take jamais content only when you need it and only in small strictly controlled doses. Maybe, I'm taking it too seriously, but can you notice what's happening around you? My brother has a full-time job and still manages to manage a private distribution of used cars. He's ambitious that's for sure. Don't get me wrong. It's not like I'm jealous of him or something like that. It's just like hearing from him that he's about to buy his third apartment, I asked a simple question. What's the catch? He was like, I am never satisfied with my current situation. That's actually a good thing. It keeps me sharp all the time. I fight, or otherwise, I may lose it all if I became lazy or less ambitious. I just couldn't live a life like that.

I read somewhere that people become extremely bored and even disappointed once they achieve some of their goals. Then need to start looking for a new one asap, otherwise that's really not good for their mental health. This one I can understand to a certain point. Yet, there should be some kind of a line where you stop. Right? I used to run a half marathon for less than hundred minutes. That's like 13 miles or 20 kilometers and something for an hour and a half plus some change in minutes. Nothing spectacular to get you a gold medal at the Olimpic games, but it helped me a lot during my university years. I traveled a lot, met some interesting people, lived a healthy life. Now, I'm overweight and I need to take care of my blood pressure. Is this the punishment because I stopped being jamais content?

I just couldn't help myself noticing that millennials are especially affected by this jamais content overuse. It's definitely not a good thing. In the long run, I'm afraid it can make you sick for real. At the same time, I'm fully aware that life without the jamais content motivator isn't something I would gladly recommend. If you are fully satisfied with your current situation and life, then you aren't likely to change a thing about it. This is something I also couldn't accept. So, is there a win-win solution, or we simply have to forget about jamais content?
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