Want more control? Choose not to have it..

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Saw a guy today mumbling to himself, frickin and fracking, and f-this and f-that. He was throwing f-bombs at every opportunity.

I had a realization. An a-ha moment.

Saw a woman over the weekend sitting alone, franticly biting her nails. You could almost "hear" all the negative thoughts running through her head.

Got the a-ha moment again.

And me. Constantly picking at my fingernails so long, I've become some kind of self-perpetuating nail sculpture with my pocket knife. This happens every time I get a really great idea.

When I had my first a-ha moment, it took me back to something I read, or something someone read to me.. just couldn't put my finger on it. Then, my second a-ha moment made me remember something from a movie.

It's all about this funny thing we call "control".

To most of us, control is something we have to have in order to feel complete as a person, otherwise, we fear that a series of bad things will happen to us.

Of course here in the Mind Warriors forum, we tend to be a little "brighter" than the "outside" people that don't read as much as we do, write as much as we do, research as much as we do, and so on.

We also know there's something much more incredible or spiritual about that simple word "control". Weather you think it's a bad thing or a good thing, consider this for a while..

Control is nothing more than a state of mind. Those that struggle to have it, actually never had it to begin with, otherwise, they wouldn't be in the pickle they are in. Those that don't want it, have more than they ever need.

Ever notice this?

This is mind numbing to me right now, so I'll leave this thread open for some interesting conversation

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    "Control" is an ambiguous word. It can mean:
    1. Repression and denial
    2. Discipline and command of one's own energies
    3. Authority over others, good if appropriate, bad if excessive
    I think mostpeople would agree that #1 is negative, #2 is positive, and #3 depends on the situation. Are there more interpretations anyone can think of?
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    Great catch, GrantFreeman. Very interesting.
    As Thomas Alva Edison said:
    "What man's mind can create, man's character can control."
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    Wow, I'm new here but I can't believe how much more intelligent everyone here is than other website forums! lol

    Top-Tier American Writer! PM for Details!

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    I think it is ambiguous. Options 2 and 3. Gaining or maintaining control of self and others is what I'm going for. More for the sake of maintaining health and less stress.

    Picture in your mind a man and a women seated at a restaurant..

    They are seated across from each other, the man leaning toward the woman, and the woman is leaning back, and looking half-interested. She has this kind of "I could care less" look on her face, but she seems pleasant anyway.

    Between the two, who appears to have the "control"?

    Does controlling behavior happen as a result of being fearful of something or is it the other way around?

    I like that quote, mark.

    SeattlePurple, welcome and thanks. You're definitely in the right place


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    "And me. Constantly picking at my fingernails so long, I've become some kind of self-perpetuating nail sculpture with my pocket knife. This happens every time I get a really great idea."

    One of the hardest habits to break. In fact, one that plagues me today.

    Clint S.

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