Write To Get On The Right Path

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There really is no way around it. The pen is just as powerful or even more powerful than any laptop, blackberry, or Iphone.

There is something a little bit more personal or intimate about putting ink on paper as opposed to typing words into MS Word. Without a doubt, there is no replacement for modern technology except for fututre technology. But, to neglect your mighty pen and loyal notepad can cost you genuine productivity.

Writing in your notepad can be quite advantageous. It is just you and your thoughts. There is no desktop icon begging you to click on it. There is no Facebook or Twitter demanding your attention. The temptation to multitask is not as strong when it is just you and your pen.

By eliminating disruptions you can gain true momentum when writing. There is no spell check being a real smart ass and there are no typos to worry about. Fonts and spacing is not yet a concern. Yes, reviewing and editing is mandatory (eventually). But in the moment all you have to do is write.

You write to get all of your feelings out.
You write to express your opinion.
You write to communicate without interruption.
You write because it is organic and real.
You write to get organized.
You write to make sense out of things.
You write to figure it all out.
You write for perfection.
You write to realize that imperfection is just as beautiful.
You write for many reasons.
Above all, you write to get on the right path.
You write for you.
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    You are right pen is more powerful than laptop, writing with pen on paper gives different feeling and it comes from heart and goes into heart.
    I always use pen and paper to write my goals than on laptop.
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    I love writing but I rarely use pen and paper. I've had my current keyboard for 13 years and have literally logged millions and millions of words with it. The space bar shows wear like the heal of a shoe where my thumb has hit it millions of times over the years.

    As a writer I've committed myself to 2000 words a day. That could be on a paid project, personal notes to myself, a story of fiction, posts on this or other forums, whatever... But it's not often that I don't make my goal. Yep, I love writing. It's my second favorite thing in the world.
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    Excellent point. I've read that Richard Branson uses ordinary note pads to run his businesses. If he needs something looked up on the computer, he has staff to take care of that.

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  • Profile picture of the author Ruth P
    This is so, so true. I have started to try writing in my notepad all day - it's a kind of 'meditation', you don't think about what you write, you just let it flow. Sometimes it's harder than others, but the idea is that you let out what's on your mind, and you reinforce the good in your life.

    I did this solidly for a few weeks and I made sure it was the first thing I did in the morning. Sometimes it feels slightly like a chore, but you always feel good for doing it. It only takes about 10 minutes to write a few pages, and after I did my day would always be far more productive.

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    There is something special about writing with a pen on paper. Most of the writing that I do on paper is personal and I just let my emotions flow. I agree with Ruth P, it can become a sort of meditation.

    Really enjoyed your poem, thanks RellieLorenzo!
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    • Profile picture of the author coconutisa
      Yes, I agree. I love writing too on pen and paper. I also type, but I do very good with pen and paper...the good thing is it is a stress reliever for me. I always remember to take pen and notebook wherever I go. In the beginning it is tough...but once you start to write you will be amazed what the Creator can bring out of our brains!
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      • Profile picture of the author Reuven
        I thought I was the only one who felt a difference between writing on my computer and writing with a pen. The whole writing process feels different and the results are not the same either. I can also feel a difference between writing with a pen, a computer and a typewriter.
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        • Profile picture of the author Isaachun
          Though I'm used to typing when I'm working (Loads of emails, reports, etc), I write with pen and paper when I write my goals and take down ideas in my personal journal.

          It's two totally different thing for me. It feels different too.

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  • Profile picture of the author RellieLorenzo
    wow im kinda shocked to see others that share my opinion on writing with the good ol handy pen

    Rellie Lorenzo at your service.

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  • Profile picture of the author don21stc
    Another of the many good things about writing is that you can doodle - and you can use different colour pens and fill in the Os and cross things out and do shopping lists and draw pictures to illustrate what you're trying to say and draw maps and....

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  • Profile picture of the author Tonio Smith
    I extremely disagree
    with your statement
    that time is not as
    powerful not even ½%
    as powerful as your
    laptop or PC.

    Just think about it for
    a moment how useless is
    a pen to someone with
    a disability like dyslexia?
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