Remembering My First $1,000 Day and How You Can Do The Same

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It wasn't long after I got online that I had my first $1,000 dollar day. It was actually only after my 5th month online. So I am gonna tell you the entire story and how I did it.

I had no internet marketing experience prior to this, I had no idea what an auto responder was, never heard of seo, didn't know what a backlink was. Nothing.

The best part about it is that I didn't even have any money to invest to start, I didn't even have a bank account.

So I was browsing online for a way to make money, I came across my first squeeze page. I was hesitant to fill in the form but I figured what the hell it's just an email address.

So I read the report and it introduced me to clickbank, ezine articles, hosting and getresponse.

I didn't have a credit card so I couldn't get hosting or an auto responder. So I browsed around and found a free blog site called squidoo.

I created a lens about the advantages of working at home, and just talked about how cool it would be to travel the country and making a few hundred a week from just my laptop at random coffee shops through out the country.

I linked that to some make money online ebooks in clickbank. I didn't do a bogus review or anything like that, just anywhere I said make "money online" I anchored in my affiliate link.

So then I referred back to the free ebook I downloaded, and it told me to write articles in ezine articles.

I was freaked, I have never written an article in my life, and I got a D in english class.

But my back was to the wall and I had no choice, so I whipped out 30 articles my first 3 days, submitted 15 of them to ezine, and the rest to goarticles since I wasn't platinum yet, and any other article directory I could find.

They went live , and to my surprise I mad a few sales with a $37 commission. I actually made 13 sales my first week online.

So I took all that money to get a hosting account and a getresponse account.

I wrote a little report explaining how I made 13 sales my first week online, used articles to promote my new squeeze page, which was by far the ugliest web site I have ever seen.

I continued to crank out articles and watch my list grow, I committed to 5 a day, and to submit to 5 article directories each. (it was the only traffic method I knew)

I didn't have anything to sell other than just affiliate offers through click bank.

I didn't have any real follow up and could really convert any sales at first. So I kept creating little squidoo lenses just rambling about how I was doing this or that, and telling my story about how I made money and linking to a make money online clickbank offer. Then just letting my list knew that I made a new squidoo lens.

I thought I was doing pretty good, I was happy making around $3,000 a month consistently for the next few months.

I was pretty happy and feeling good, so I actually decided to buy a product in clickbank to see what I could learn.

This is when things got good.

I was introduced to affiliate launches, my list at the time was around 700 people which I thought was pretty big at the time.

So I found a product that was launching, sent the premade launch emails to my list, I did edit them a little.

The product I was promoting was paying a $250 commission which I thought was huge because I was only getting $37 commissions on almost products I was promoting
So the night before launch day I could not sleep at all. I was up early, I wrote my broadcast email, you know what I mean, "it's live go, go, go! (lol I hate that one now)

so as soon as the clock struck noon I sent it out.

I went to log into my clickbank account just to wait and keep hitting refresh, by the time I got there I already had one sale, my jaw hit the floor and I began to dance and celebrate.

I would of been totally happy if that was my only sale. Over the course of the next 5 hours they kept coming in.

I ended up getting 5 sales on a $250 commission $1250!

Just 5 months after being online, and starting with no money a whole lot of time, and the desire to succeed.

I just recently celebrated my first $10,000 day.

So the point of this thread is to encourage anyone who wants to make money and doesn't have a lot of money to do it.

And it doesn't have to take years to figure out. All you have to do is the right things for long enough.

which are

1.) Create a good product to give away
2.) create a squeeze page to collect names and emails
3.) Send targeted traffic to this page to build your list.
4.) continue to provide good value and share information with your list.
5.)Promote affiliate offers to that list.

after you create you first free product to give away, set up your squeeze page and your done. You never have to do that again.

Now you can focus 80% of your time sending traffic to your site. Find one traffic method that works well for you and do it relentlessly.

Do it as many times as you can a day. You could only do it an hour a day, but you will get back what you put in.

If you put in 4 hours a day you will get it way faster than the person who puts in one hour a day.

Build your list big, provide them with good usable and valuable content, and only promote good offers to them.
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    Hi, Congratulations!

    I have a question, when you wrote articles did you do any keyword research?
    Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.

    Villa Brea

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    Hey nicolasb,

    I'm currently researching on making passive income since my 9-6 job is a bit taxing since it takes all my time. I'm a designer and I know I can freelance but passive income seems to me is the only way aside from my own business (which I plan to have) and property.

    Thanks for briefly telling about how you reached your goal of $1000 a day. Truly inspiring.
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    Hey nicholas,

    This is inspiring. To tell you the truth, I have not been active online lately since I have been creating my product. But even if I knew that the time I am investing is time well spent, it still pains me that I am not making any progress with my online goals. I think that one thing I lack is patience. I don't have that so I dedicated all of my time to outsourcing when I was starting out.

    This message is just what I needed right now. It pushes me to move and I love it.

    So thanks.

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    Whohaaaa...Another "Money is in the list" story...Great...I think every newbie MUST start to build their lists ASAP...Thanks for sharing buddy..
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    Which year did you begin exactly?
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      Great story. Unfortunately I am where you used to be... at the beginning.

      I'm hoping to reach that $1,000 day soon!
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    What kind of mindset did you have, when you started of. Were you coming from a place of pain, or did you visualize success. What motivated you to write all those articles, and find internet marketing online?
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    Thanks for this post. I got really bugged (in a good way) reading it. I love your story because it kicks me right in the ass. It's great inspiration.
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      Great! Another testimony to the effectiveness of list building! Well done!

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        That is absolutely a motivational story...

        I am a newbie & I needed those inspirational words. I, too, would like to be successful as you are.

        I know it takes time, sometimes a lot of time but I'll try to be patient.

        Thanks for sharing.
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    Truly inspirational story, I will put forward what you have done and hope it works out for me thank you!

    Steve Tee.
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    Great post thanks for the inspiration!
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    Thanks you very much.It's a long term business and i think all newbies like me need to start with it
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    Hi, great article, very inspirational, should give hope to anyone getting started out.

    With Best Regards Tace Thompson.

    Are You Interested in Internet Marketing?
    I offer a free 7 day boot camp,
    and a comprehensive training program
    --> Internet Marketing Training <-- here.
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    I am new about this stuff. Would like some help from others.
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