Do You Really Know Yourself?

by King Shiloh Banned
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This sounds funny or offensive but the truth is that you can't build a solid relationship with your clients, list of subscribers, clients, etc if you don't know their temperament or uniqueness.

Every niche is unique. And every niche has unique individuals that patronize it. So, if you don't harmonize your uniqueness with the uniqueness of your customers, you will always lose them.

But how would you know your customer if you don't know yourself? You have to study, understand and master yourself because that is the best way to know others as you will relate, communicate or market your products to them knowing who you are in any given situation.

Nobody grows their business without developing relationships, good relationships of trust and honesty. If you do not know yourself then how can you expect to know others and how they will relate to you so that both benefit?

Knowing yourself is the beginning of every successful email marketing campaign. If you know yourself, you can easily relate with the other person.
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    If you want to know yourself just study psychology, you should find all what you want there!
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      Originally Posted by Your Lover View Post

      If you want to know yourself just study psychology, you should find all what you want there!

      Ahhh and most important....

      study Emotional Intelligence

      Master that skill and you are smooth rolling for the rest of your personal and professional life!
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    It is very important to know yourself, however that doesn't mean it's a bad thing if you are constantly searching for more of yourself, or fine tuning, tweaking and improving that which you call yourself...
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    Knowing yourself is very important. But since change is the only constant in life, it means that you will also be growing and changing along the way. Thus you need to be constantly aware of your growth.

    As Xception Industries suggests, you will always be fine tuning and improving yourself.
    Han of Harmony: Inspired Living in Harmony with Change.
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    Yes really actually sometimes you start to think of this question, anyhow all the same can't be learned up to the end for life it would become boring, if we learn all.
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