10'000 Hour Rule - How to Become an Expert at Anything

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I don't know if you have read Malcolm Gladwell's book "Outliers" but he suggests that most world-successful singers, athletes, writers, music instrument players and other people who excel at a certain skill have something in common - they all have invested approximately 10'000 hours in deliberate practice of the specific skill with the thought and effort to become better and fix their mistakes.

The question is - where are you investing your 10'000 hours in and how many hours have you invested already?

Also, the video of the guy talking:
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    That’s very interesting and a great video thanks for sharing.
    10,000 hours = 417 days = 1 ¼ years of none stop doing
    10,000 hours/an 8 hour day = 1250 work days = 3 ½ years
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      I've read Outliers and I feel fortunate that when I started my journey to become an internet marketer I had definitely invested my 10,000 hours into writing. As a professional educator with multiple graduate degrees and a career that has required writing everyday, I've been able to use this skill to create my blogs, posts, websites, promotional materials and reports without much effort.

      Where I'm afraid I'll never catch up in becoming a 10,000 hour expert is with the techie stuff like making landing pages, graphics and all the mechanics of the trade.

      Thank goodness for outsourcing! Which brings me to my point, don't feel like you have to wait to put in your 10,000 hours to become great at doing whatever part of your business you aren't a master at yet. Just outsources it and only invest your time mastering the parts you love doing!

      I highly recommend all of Malcolm Gladwell's books, he really can change your thinking about how life works.

      Thanks for this thread!
      Meg McCormick
      The BackLink Lady

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        Originally Posted by DrMeg View Post

        I highly recommend all of Malcolm Gladwell's books, he really can change your thinking about how life works.

        Thanks for this thread!
        Thanks I'll check him out any you recommend to read first?
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          I've definitely invested 10,000+ hours into writing. I've also invested 10,000+ hours into reading as well as another 10,000+ hours into unnecessary emotional suffering. All three have taught me how to be a compassionate and great writer, teacher, and business coach.

          Great topic!

          Peace, love, happiness, and prosperity,
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        I think the 10,000 hours point is dynamic but can be misleading. There are always two schools of thought where some people say work hard and get what you want while others say work smart. I think you have to focus and work smart at the same time, Its not so much about how many hours you put in but how focused you are on what you want. You can accomplish your goal in much less time but your focus no matter how many hours you spend, should be razor sharp.
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          I have put in so many hours that I cant count and unfortunately have not been successful but my point is I dont give up.
          So my tip is Keep on trying and never give up and if that does not work
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    That seems to make sense.

    Anybody who becomes world-renowned in any endeavor had to devote a portion of their life to mastery.

    Every talent is taxed, and the taxing occurs over time....and plenty of it

    Thanks for sharing and have a powerful day!

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Yeah, I think he's right about receiving this 10000-hour experience. Hard work.
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    Very cool...I've never ever seen this concept before but I like it
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      Originally Posted by AwesomePossum View Post

      Very cool...I've never ever seen this concept before but I like it

      I like it as well and its validity sounds about right. I mean, I think its a very arbitrary figure but I think if you get to that hurdle you are good to go in whatever you are doing
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    This is fascinating. Anyone here seen the book?
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