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I have a Problem, Focusing on one project. I'm not sure if i'm just indecisive or something else. I can't really wrap my head out of it. I also realize a lot of times I have a problem Finishing Things. I move from one thing to another very quickly. I know that this is a problem, because I do want success in the IM field. Can any fellow warriors offer some advice?
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    One thing I did that helped a lot was I started working with someone on a project. When someone is counting on you it is easier to stay focused. I work on a project with a partner for a good part of my day and then I work on my personal project as well if I finish what needs to get done for the main project.
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    I often have trouble focusing and finishing things, too.

    AmandaT's suggestion above to work together with someone else seems like a good idea. Anyone else got any tips and tricks?
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    Also, don't buy any products or download any books about methods other than the ones you are using for your main project... the more you learn about other methods, the more likely you are to spread yourself thin trying everything out. Stick to learning about things that will help with your current project. Save the rest for after your current project is off the ground and making money!
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    Seeing a project through to completion is a tough thing for many people.

    Ask your self these questions:

    Do you have all of the needed skills to actually finish the project?

    What are the reasons you are quick to jump from one thing to the next?

    These 2 questions alone can help you find the root of the problem and lead you to real success.

    If you know why you are jumping from one thing to the next often people will find that they are doing so because they lack certain skills that are needed to complete the initial project.

    If you already have the needed skills and are just having issues completing them due to other reasons you could try to hire a "fellow warrior" to finish the tasks for you.

    You could also find someone who compliments your weaker areas and form a partnership and help balance the workload.

    I hope that you can find your balancing point and are able to finish some of your project to realize success.

    To your Success!

    P.S I make awesome Kettle Corn.

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    not only you but everyone has this problem but with different degrees. This works for me and may be for you too. When you wake up do that thing first which is not getting done instead of checking emails and other nonreactive/less mind stress stuff
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    Some great suggestions already here. Would just like to add that I find creating a checklist of tasks to accomplish each day or week for a project helps me. Have a set of goals to accomplish each month and write down how long it will take you to finish each task is a good start. Then you can begin to narrow it down to weeks and days.

    Best of luck,
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    I had the same problem and believe me its hard to get out of that spiral. What I did was to prioritize my time.

    1. I only did the things that would make me money and stopped wasting my time on small little things that consumed time but were not that high value.

    2. Outsource the low value tasks.

    3. Check your email only twice, once in the morning and once at night.

    4. Once you decide something, get it done even if its 4am. I usually complete about 75% of it and then the next morning just do the 25% and have the task complete.

    5. DO NOT work WITHOUT a list. Make a list of what you have to do today and then do the hardest task first. Complete it and move on.

    I hope it gets you working
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      Thanks guys. I will try to do alot of the things mentioned here. thanks for the help!
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    The above help is great.

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    person should be multitasking if he want to get a success
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    for a long time i have had the same problem i just hope it wont be the same in im
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      focus, focus, focus
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    Spend some time the night before figuring out what you want to accomplish the next day. These accomplishments should be things that move your project forward. That gives your subconscious mind a chance to work on it while you're asleep. The next day you may very well have some good ideas for accomplishing those tasks, or other possibilities you may not have considered before.
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