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I watched Obama's inauguration and there is one statement that he said that really stood out for me and I am currently using as my personal email signature as a reminder to both myself and anyone who I email of its importance in life.

He said "People will judge you by what you BUILD rather than by what you DESTROY!"

This is a very powerful and positive statement that all should remember and is a good start to getting on "the right path" and having the right attitude.

Focus on building good businesses, relationships, wealth and lives rather than concentrating on what you can destroy and that is what you will get in abundance.
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    I too have found (many times) that Obama's words keep me on a path of powerful thinking, at least as much as folks who are writing ABOUT positive thinking.

    On inauguration day, I blogged about how to me Obama being president is certainly proof that all things are possible.

    You are right though that this particular quote is worth highlighting and thinking about.
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    I agree...he is a beautiful person, and he means what he say and say what he means!

    Stop Looking For Handouts, Work or Sacrifice for What You Want!

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    i agree

    thanks for the post.............Ricky

    " As we think......so we are"


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      This just takes you back to positive and negative thinking. Negative minded people focus on destruction whereas positive ones focus on building.

      Take note guys

      It's not over until it is Over!

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    Obama is a true inspiration, and an excellent wordsmith!
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    The Law of attraction works best when there is a true sense of CREATION of BUILDING. May we all create our hearts desire, and may that creation benefit mankind. I'm am a huge fan of Obama. His speech, entirely was inspiring and full of hope. He will lead well and foster peace. Great thread thanks for sharing friends

    To Conquer Yourself is a Greater Task than Conquering others.
    Link to facebook: http://profile.to/robramos

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    Good to see so many people taking the same view. Whether you like him or not, I agree with his belief that change starts with hope and by people getting involved themselves.

    It kind of ties in with my belief that when you have hope, you start to look for ways to improve, without it - the attitude is usually what is the point! Furthermore, he is teaching the people that they need to take responsibility for their own lives by saying things like he can't do it on his own, they will do it together. So many countries are failing in my opinion and miserable because everyone is looking to a president or equivalent to make their life better, rather than what we know you should do which is to look within, which is the only true place where positive change and happiness can be achieved.

    It is a lot to do with the Law of Attraction, but used in such a way that those who are not open-minded about it (and I know of many) can still benefit from it.
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    I agree indeed...I have to say that his speech was one of the most inspiring words I've ever heard thus far from any US President.
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    Originally Posted by RhondaM View Post

    He said "People will judge you by what you BUILD rather than by what you DESTROY!"
    Nimrod really said that? Woopedy doo. Sounds like empty words for the easily impressed. I guess I'm the party pooper.

    What is that statement even supposed to mean anyway? I sure don't know especially not when it's out of context.

    For all you know he could be trying to convince others of that so that people don't judge his vuck ups.

    Personally, I thought Jack Nicholson's quote in Batman, "Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?" was much cooler.

    Anyway, you can't build an omelet without destroying some egg shells. Whether someone thinks destroying egg shells is good or bad a judgment has been made.

    Therefore, that son of perdition is wrong.

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        Originally Posted by Glenn Bradley Cooper View Post

        Hi Ronda, Im an Australian living in Thailand and I can tell you he has made quite an impression with the people around here and that is no easy task. From an outside point of view he seems to be a driving force for hope.
        I wish your new president all the best and am personally now a little excited about what's around the corner (in a global context).
        cheers, Glenn
        Ps my fav bit was about picking ourselves up and dusting ourselves off.
        What a positive message. I know someone living in Hong Kong who has said that the people there are really praying for him too, because they believe that however successful he and America are, will affect the success of the rest of the world too.

        And yes, that build quote was my favorite out of the whole speech. It is so powerful and universal -- we can all use some reminding in that area of our life.
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    I agree with you Rhonda, that's a powerful quote. Worthy of reflecting on many times over.

    Tommy - he was addressing the militant (not terrorist) groups who rely on violence to spread their message. He was basically telling them "why don't you stop blowin' a bunch a shit up and talk to the rest of the world with some tact"

    But you're a dick, so I don't expect you to understand that.
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