Affirm/visualise: only ways to impress the subconscious?

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My query falls into a few parts:

1) To change our beliefs and impress the subconscious mind, are affirmations and visualizations the only way?

2) successful people that dont affirm or visualise, such as Tom Cruise or others achieve amazing success, how and why?

thank you
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    1) Affirmations and visualization are tools to emulate "reality" to teach your subconscious what's "real" and what's not. Of course objective reality can't be perceived because we are subjective beings behind our beliefs and thoughts transforming our experience. Anyway, a lot of things can reprogram your mind such as hypnosis, real life experience and deep tissue massages (seems to let go of the old mental tension stored in your body for a long time).

    2) Successful people are successful not because they do or don't do affirmations or visualization, simply because of their past life experience (be it affirmations, visualization or real life) programmed their mind to think a certain way, which makes them act certain ways, which makes them create successful habits, which makes them reach success

    Just my reflexion on what you asked

    Be happy, be successful,
    ~ JoeDRL
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      I started to answer your post earlier today... and ended up with 39 pages of I'm-not-sure-what.

      I put it up as a thread.
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    DGFlectcher, wow thank you, im humbled to feel my post got such a response, thank you and ill go straight to your post too now

    JOEDRL: ofcos thank you for always answerering and providing very helpful answers
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      Originally Posted by perfectlovehere View Post

      Writing and rewriting your goals daily can help. Learned this from Brian Tracy.
      Please could you offer any more clarity on this, such as does this mean writing the goal as an affirmation? and how many times etc? thank you
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