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Where is best place to get some self development videos,to start the day off with ?
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    YouTube has thousands of inspirational videos. Just have a patient to browse or simply see videos from www. flickspire. com/
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    Go to YouTube and search for some of your favorite self-development authors.

    If you don't know what to search, I'd recommend Brian Tracy, as my favorite author,
    also the unavoidable Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar.
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    You could also try some meditation with assisted audio like Brain Sync brainwave stuff from Kelly Howell
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    good post...
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    The living video of your mind's memory, will be the best inspirational recording that will be available to you, which you will be able to actually feel.

    All the drama; All the detail; All the action, All the suspense, will be intimate and up close..

    The story will be special, because it will be totally 'unique'. You will find these movies in the place called 'Memory'. Memory can be found in 'the condition of 'time', at various periods of 'event occurrence happenings'.

    There aren't any premiums to pay to obtain the videos, and the viewing quality is realistically much better than the best 3d digital or coming holographic technology.

    And the stories and plots! Surely there must have been at least one;at least one period episode in a living experience, that can be remembered with fervor, or anticipation for re-experiencing the known favorable emotionally charged outcome, again!

    But wait! You must have been taught this early on in kindergarten. You know; the way that living movies actually work and can behave! You must have been taught this; I mean, even the ancient technologies of cultures of a long ago history, know about this operation.

    They even recorded and wrote about it. You must have seen these records, because they're everywhere, out in the open, in plain sight and in public view for everyone to see. You just got to read the information in there original syntax of coded alphanumeric language, or, coded geo-mathematic monumental structural design. The info's all over written in coded scriptural text like the 'Hebrew Torah', Christan Bible', Holy Quran', or 'Bhagavad Gita; Giant earthwork structures like the 'Great Pyramids'; just everywhere.

    Heck, Gosh, Golly-Ge. Even our present day psychologist know a little about this stuff, and even give its workings big words like accountability, ennegram therapy, or intervention. Go figure.........

    Don 't you know, that these movies can actually get emotionally enhanced. Don 't you know, that human beings can generate emotionally sensitized feelings at will, and consciously choose to assign those generated feelings to any scene they might imaginatively construct or desire?

    And this assignment doesn't care about the period in the condition of time that you might choose, whether it is a past, present, or future...

    You can even change the scene design and still generate desired feelings... Didn't you know? Oh yea, I forgot to mention, once you are made aware of a few of these type human psycho-mental features, it might be smart to put yourself on a scheduled timetable to go to the theater of relaxation, at least once a ... well, that's up to you...

    So; Where is the best place to get some self development videos, to start the day off with?

    Well, I say the answer to this is anywhere and everywhere. You can even find these video while sitting in a lazy chair, as long as you are dynamically lazy. That's just to say that you can be active in your mind, and lazy sitting on your behind, at the same time.

    Hey, this is not rocket science. Its all about taking a little trip to the theater of relaxation and watching a self-made living movie, that can actually be felt or scene changed. Simple to do and availible all the time. And you were looking for someone else's videos. Go look at your own.........

    Something to consider, don't you think?

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      I went to youtube and typed in hypnosis and I saw a video dealing with subliminal messages though mind master. I'm going to buy a trial subscription and let you know my progress.
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    Thank you very much Tom
    Seriously,thank you all very much guys.

    Ask a question on here and you sure get the answer
    Its dark but...I glow!
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    1. Whether we recognize it or not, we are all on a self-improvement journey to learn, grow and improve into our best selves. And, until death do us part, there will always be a gap between where we are and where we want to be. Closing this gap IS the journey. But beware that a lot of the gap may be made up of incorrect perceptions that just need to be corrected.

    2. The only thing that can really give you what you want is in understanding the truth of “the truth will set you free.” We have absolute freedom to choose the right way to pursue that very important understanding in the way we think, feel and act every single moment of freedom.

    3. Life is the only game of which the object is to figure out the rules. How we do this is entirely up to us, because of the gift of free will, but we seem to have better success and more happiness when we find out what the right rules are and follow them instead of trying to reinvent the entire wheel with our stubborn and rebellious pride. No one is quick to readily admit this though.

    4. The real test of self-development knowledge is with relationships. And here again, the rules for good relationships are already established: Be mutually committed to a common purpose, work hard at communicating clearly, and work out a compatible way to deal with your incompatibilities. Actually the key to good relationships is to select a person based on the absence of or at least minimal presence of these potential deal-breakers.

    Tom Hawk

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    The aim of self development is to achieve our full potential whether that be in our professional or personal life.
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    Maybe you can just go and youtube tony robbins?
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    Youtube will be your best source. Sometimes I find long videos (2-3 hours), and selections not on youtube found on Google Videos. Everything is out there, just take a little time and search for it. Good luck!
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    I love Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Abraham-Hicks, and Debbie Ford. I usually find one speaker that really hits home and that leads to several others. Look for the 90 minute version of 'The Secret' on youtube!
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    Use all video services, and pick only one for promoting it.
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    May I humbly suggest my new WSO? We've done our best to put together a highly effective system of profound core mindset transformation, some of it active listening, most of it passive listening and viewing by subliminal methods. I hope you like it and find it beneficial.

    You can check out the details of our WSO here.

    Thanks for looking.

    “There is a SCIENCE OF GETTING RICH, and it is an exact science ... those who do things in this certain way ... get rich, while those who do not ... remain poor.”
    - Wallace D. Wattles

    Get The Great Formula + powerful tools to master it for up to 95% OFF with The Science of Success WSO.
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    Self awareness, knowing what you want in life and how to get it is fundamental to personal and spiritual growth.
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    Check out It's all about spreading good ideas.
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    Originally Posted by dardar View Post

    Where is best place to get some self development videos,to start the day off with ?
    Jack Canfield on Youtube. He's the best motivational speaker I've ever seen.
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  • u can search it in YouTube..
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  • You can find it also in Youtube also in some social media sites.
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    I was just watching some inspirational videos on YouTube, tons of inspirational videos there.
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    My question is, "Why?" Before you go out searching of things like these, be sure you know why.

    Joseph M. Dabon
    Blogger and freelance writer. I belong to Ezine's Expert Author, Diamond, level. Visit me at

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    To the self development forums of course...
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    These are some of my favorites:

    A great seminar by Jim Rohn:

    More Jim Rohn (short video)

    Bob proctor:

    I've heard about Binaural waves and how they affect the brain, I've seen some youtube videos but haven't actually tried them myself, here is one. (it has the scientific approach in the description)

    A great video by Zig Ziglar

    A must watch, by Earl Nightingale (The strangest secret, basically he talks about goals and the power of your mind, how to use it and LOA related stuff)

    Bob proctor and the subconscious mind, how to program it

    Walk away from the 97 percent! Great video by jim rohn

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      Originally Posted by guzmi View Post

      A must watch, by Earl Nightingale (The strangest secret, basically he talks about goals and the power of your mind, how to use it and LOA related stuff)
      This is also one of my favorites and what a great way to start each day...


      "Discover 7 Secrets To A Life
      Of Wealth, Happiness And Success"
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    I would start with an inventory of myself and see what I need from outside for improvement.

    Joseph M. Dabon
    Blogger and freelance writer. I belong to Ezine's Expert Author, Diamond, level. Visit me at

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    I have started to watch all kinds of videos in YouTube and I came across with self-development videos and I would have to say, Zig Ziglar is my favorite.

    Do You Hate Writing Sales Copy?

    I create killer copy for squeeze pages, video scripts, email auto-responders and sales pages. Click here to see reviews.
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    I think You Tube is a great source of these kinds of videos. You can also optin to John Maxwells Daily Motivations. Each day he gives a minute video about something to motivate, inspire and educate.
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