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I have been successful in online and offline businesses in many different niches for many years, I am someone who observes everything and as consultant it is my job to analyze what problems people are having then offer them a simple and effective solution that produces them a result.

I have determined that many people just aren't willing to do what it takes to succeed. I can give the same advice to a group of people with the same problem, a few of them will take the information and get a result. While others will sit around and tell me why it won't work for them. They will insert every dumb little excuse they can think of, fail then blame me.

People fail because they want to fail. If they wanted to succeed they would try everything in their power to make it happen. In short they would actually try.

And I don't just mean give a a shot, I mean bust ass and make it work. I hate when people say well I'll give it a shot and see what happens, to me this is the sound of them sealing their own coffin.

When I started my first business I didn't say, well I'll give this a shot and see what happens. I said "I'M GONNA MAKE THIS WORK" and that's exactly what I did.

It has always intrigued me why the same information when implemented by my small private clients will result in a 100% success rate, then when I go public with the information and teach it in a more public setting the actual implementation rate is so small.

The people who actually do what is taught get a result, they usually need so critiques and mentoring to clean up what they are doing, but then the rest never do anything.

These are the people who are always searching and never finding, these are the people who claim to know everything you are saying but aren't making any money.

To know and not to do is not to know” Chinese philosopher Wang Yang-ming (1472-1529)

These are the people who are on dozens of email lists, these are the people who buy WSO after WSO.

These are professional biz opp seekers and as Mark Cuban calls them "wantrepreneurs"

These are people who think they want success, but aren't willing to do what it takes. I hear some of the lamest excuses from day to day.

Everyone is placing self imposed limitations on themselves. If they really wanted to succeed they would find the time, they would find the money, they would keep pushing forward every time something goes wrong.

We are all powerful human beings and can over come anything.

DO a google search for "best rags to riches stories" and just look at all the people who have overcome great challenges and obstacles to acheive great things.

Your excuses are invalid, if you are not succeeding it is because you are deciding to fail.

Ask yourself these questions:

Have I ever really tried?
Did I fail because I quit to early, or quit at all?
How successful could I have been if I hadn't quit?
Am I really willing to do whatever it takes to succeed?
Am I ready to stop making excuses and make it work?

Sit down and give your self an honest evaluation.

Realize that you are good enough, and that even if you suck at something now, you can always work to improve and get better.

Do you think Michael Jordan just woke up the greatest basketball player in the world? Or do you think he spent hours a day in a gym taking hundreds of jump shots a day to get better.

Think about the greatest athletes and Olympians do you think they were just born that good? No they all sucked at first.

But after years of focused dedication they become the best.

Who do you think spends more time in the pool swimming back and forth, Michael Phelps or Eric Moussambani

Even Eric Moussambani didn't quit as he swam the worlds worst swim race.

If you suck at something work around the clock to get better. If you fail figure out why fix it and keep going.

If you are afraid to do something kick that fear in the ass, because it is preventing you from who you are destined to become.

Decide to be successful, "success is a decision away"

If you want to be successful then be successful.
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    I'm certain that if some folks out there take the time to read your post, they will see the wisdom in it. Therefore, thanks for sharing it.

    While your post seems to focus on succeeding in general -- as opposed to specifically succeeding in IM, I'd like to add my two cents about that:

    I think the main reason that people fail is the following:

    certain trades aren't for everybody.

    Not everybody has the talent to be a good doctor, or decent lawyer, or good chef or thorough toilet cleaner. The fact is NOT EVERYBODY has what it takes to make a living generating income online.


    Remember the 80's and 90's? Everybody can make millions setting up their own 900 numbers or buying real estate "no money down".

    Yeah right.

    And here we are at the dawn of a new technological wonder: the internet and the ease to cut out the "middle man" and communicate with people directly.

    "Everybody can make millions online"!

    Yeah right.

    Not everybody.

    The sooner people in general realize that the main battle of life is to find your place. Find your talent. Find your profession.

    For most of the dreamers around here, I'm sorry to say, they will NEVER succeed making money online and all the motivational quotes and pithy afterthoughts won't change that.
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    In my views, people fail because they afraid to take action. they spent a lot of time to discuss negativity of product or service. just thinking of a miracle which change their lives.

    They forget that "miracles comes to hard work"
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    Giving it a shot and see what happens Is just like saying you see I tried but nothing came up
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    I think you summarized the philosophy behind many personal development books&products.

    In my opinion, high on the list of why people fail is the comfort zone. I was reading recently that if you set out to do something, you just have to burn all your bridges, don't allow yourself to have a way back. When you put all your will and passion and commitment in what you're doing, then you start building something worthwhile.

    Another thing is people's need for instant gratification. If they don't see the money in their bank account tomorrow, they give up. You need patience.

    Even when you get a job it takes 30 days before you get your first salary. First you put in the work, then you see some results, not the other way around.
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    Nicholasb, I agree with what you said, and wanted to put in my 2 cents worth. I have heard that the biz-op seekers are only 20 to 25% of the population, but only 5-10% of them ever start. The ones who have the entrepreneur spirit and really give it their all. For many reasons only about 1-2% ever see real success.
    I made it my mission to find out why the ones who gave it their all, the 4-8% failed.
    What I discovered is can be summed up in 2 words; Self-Sabotage
    It is the root cause of most failures. It is one thing to know the problem, it is another to find and implement the solution. With that in mind I was inspired to write my ebook, because I did find the real solution, and I implemented it in my own life, and I experienced a mental transformation. The root cause of my personal self-sabotage is completely gone.
    If you would like a copy of my ebook where I explain how simple and easy the solution is,
    just click on this link. http://bit.ly/Swh7bD]to The ebook is free and you will have reprint rights to use the book for your own benefit. I think you will find this a very valuable tool to use for your clients.
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    Good post. After doing this for 10 years I see many people fail online because they do not develop Internet marketing skills. The biggest of these is becoming an expert at 1 or 2 traffic generation skills that actually work.
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