The Ultimate Challenge

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I challenge you to take massive action to making your dreams a reality, whatever they may be.

Starting with baby steps and then building up massive strength and momentum so you begin taking leaps and bounds.

The challenge is to get tons done, improve a little bit in every way possible!

I am challenging myself and thought its a good idea to challenge others.
Who wants to join me?
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    That's the way it is !
    Slow progress is better than no progress, right?

    Nat Niszakov

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    Nice one, I bet most who'll join this challenge will fail, I see one person who'll succeed on this challenge, not me, not even the one who posted this challenge but it will be the one who does less talking and more actions.
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    That's the spirit :-)
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    I totally agree with this post. You start be developing short term goals which can later be extended to long term goals. The key to success is to taking one step at a time.
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    Challenging people to take this step is great, however, unless the person is self motivated, it is unlikely you will get many takers. Only those who are self motivated will even respond. Yes, I am interested and am highly self motivated. I really don't need outside motivation however, keeping motivated often requires group participation. Good luck with the challenge.
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    I'm on it, agreed, less talk, more action!
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    Doing some challenge or challenging others or even betting are more effective than doing it yourself, that's the sad part of it, we only do it for the challenge or the price or the bet.
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    Don't be pressured from achieving your dreams. One step at a time and savour every moment of it. And by the time you get to the top, all of your hard work will be very worthy.
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    Focus on your dream and each time you take a step further, be happy and congratulate yourself that you are now one step closer in achieving that dream. In times of challenges, remind yourself you have more achievements and another challenge won't be any different from the previous ones.
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