How Overcomplication Leads To Inaction

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Hey Warriors

A common trend I see developing in the internet marketing world is people trying to many different things at one time. I've learned that its easier to get your brain to focus on one thing that to give it a million things to hold at once. This can cause you to become overwhelmed to the point of frustration and when one gets frustrated it begins to cause pain to your brain and your brain hates pain. When this happens it leads to "Inaction"

We try so much in an effort to accomplish more in less time that it often hurts our chances at getting started at all. Now you've overwhelmed your brain so much that it has now hardwired pain to taking action.

Do you see how this is hurting your chances at Internet Marketing?

So what do we do? Its simple we link more Pleasurable feelings to taking action by simplifying the actions that we will be taking.

For example, if I need to decide on a font for my copy or a name for my product or after I've written down 5 niches I'm interested in, you allow yourself 5 minutes to pick ONE topic or if your extreme like me you allow yourself only 60secs to choose one. After the time has past you have to have One selected. The reason is sometimes we over complicate these simple things and make our brains hate us for it. So I want you to develop the habit of simplifying what needs to be done and the easiest way to do this is by setting up "Time Constraints" for yourself.

Choose One Thing And Stick With It

This is simple you need to choose ONE thing your going to focus on and make that One thing work. Trust me you can't do more things than once. Well maybe some of you can but for the majority of us who can't we have to focus on that ONE thing. All I want us as warriors to do is to understand the value of simplicity and why over-complication leads to a "Brain Freeze" as I like to call it.

A Simple Brain Trick

Now that we've broken everything down and see how we can simplify our processes we now have to TAKE ACTION! The thing is this can be hard depending on how long you've been building up negative neural pathways. How do we do this with a Simple mind Trick I use when I'm stuck.

Brain Trick Explained

You ever wondered why you can't break that bad habit of yours? You know its bad but to your brain it generates the most pleasurable feelings you could ever think of. This is why some people are addicted to sex and drugs and all these different things because it generates the pleasurable feelings every time that their brains are looking for. What if we can link pleasurable feelings to the action that we must take? What if the feelings were so intense that we were compelled to take action? Does that sound like you would be able to get more done? Of course it does. So how do we do it?


Find yourself a chair because you are going to want to sit up straight, just to avoid falling to sleep. After you've done this you should close your eyes. Now I want you to go back in your mind to a time when you were experiencing your most confident, dominant, leadership and most pleasurable feelings it could even be the feeling before you orgasm. I want to let those feelings rise up in your body. Allow yourself to experience the pleasurable emotions. Make them realer and stronger. Now I want you to shift your mind to the task that you have to take action on. See yourself doing this task. Float into your body and carry those strong emotions into your body and experience them right now while doing your task.

Now I want you to relax. Breathe in deeply and exhale. Do this for a couple breathes, now I want to run through the experience again and allow the feelings to rise up. Continue to do this as you link to the action you have to take.

Now with the above simple exercise I have been to take more ACTION! Not only take more action, but actually enjoy the process of taking action.

Do you see how this could benefit you? I know it works tremendously for me.

So there you have it a simple way to take more action

Warning: Please use wisely are you may become highly addicted to feeling good!


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