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by Odahh
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hello all ,

right now is the best time to start a business or a lifestyle support business provide an income for yourself ..small start up costs low overhead ..and if you are able to do non cash transactions ..aka barter /trade

it is even better if you make real things and use the internet to connect with buyers .

the government of the united states is going to start deflating very soon..not collapsing deflating ..and though it will be bad for those dependent on jobs or checks from the government or the industries that depend on heavy subsidies or regulatory protection .

those who have the tools to make things people want ..or the marketing skills to connect makers to those who want stuff and either have money or something to trade .

the web is making this more workable every day .

there are many people who want what you make but may not have cash ..but may have something you will want that you value as much .
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  • I agree with everything you have put forth.

    For anyone who is paying attention these words could not be truer:

    "the government of the united states is going to start deflating very soon..not collapsing deflating ..and though it will be bad for those dependent on jobs or checks from the government or the industries that depend on heavy subsidies or regulatory protection".

    I suspect in many quarters of our economy this deflationary spiral is already occurring. Wage deflation has been keeping the lid on inflation but the "unskilled working person" is the one who is suffering. But soon, as you stated, deflation will be visited on a much wider range of people.

    Time is now to prepare for change.

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      I have to agree too. I was listening to a Dan Carlin podcast last night. Made for interesting listening.

      He was saying that the US Should worry be helping those in society that are struggling such as the unskilled worker (not taking away food stamps).

      A society where more people are making enough money to buy what they need helps the economy as a whole.

      The US government are on a different path and people are falling out of the middle class and their disposable income drops. It is time to set up your own business for sure and as you say the internet is making it easy to make this happen.
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    there is no middle class anymore .. there are those who need government subsidies weather they are jobless ..or makeing huge amounts of money while shoveling the cost of their bad choices on the government .

    and there are the people busting their but to live without subsidies ..or find themselves unable to get any help while others have an easier time .

    and group number two is just not big enough anymore to support group number one .

    group number two ..and those in group number one who are not doing well enough ..have been nitting together a second economy that is much harder to track and has much less overhead so people don't need to make as much to survive in it .

    preppers are interesting ..and have a lot of information to learn..but if society did fall apart it's only a short time before you get caught in a cloud of nuclear fallout from some nuke plant melting down ..

    what is going to happen is a breakdown in the subsidy state while tryng to avoid total chaos .

    so the subsidies will shrink and people will have to make money n the side they can keep order to avoid risking their entire subsidy .

    it has been happening over the last 4 years it just will become apperent to everyone as an option .

    no bloody uprising.. no revolutionary war ..just masses of people trying to do what they need to do to live ..and pushing the government out of the way when it tries to stop them .
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    that's more than enough to get a lot of businesses off the ground. The first thing that I'd do is to set half of the money aside to get you through the first year of growth. Most business take time to start generating revenue and you'll be in the best position to work if you never have to borrow.

    What's your passion? Pick something that you love doing and that love for your work will show and generate an excitement with clients.

    A business in real estate could be good for you depending on where you're located. The timing would be good if you can get into it now while most places (in the US) are towards the bottom of the market.

    I would also encourage you to keep studying and reading about successes and also surround yourself with people who are intelligent and can keep you spurred on.
    Good Luck!
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    yes ,now is the time ..
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    If not now then when?
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      Originally Posted by streetpipscom View Post

      If not now then when?

      As for the US economy deflating, well, people have been saying for a long time now that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer, but now we're actually seeing some truth in it.

      The internet gives us a chance to reach audiences that we never could have dreamed of before, and all with a much smaller cost than owning a traditional, offline business.

      As sad as it is, people are suffering, but luckily, you don't necessarily have to be one of them. If you haven't already, start making use of that traffic and sustainability, and see where it takes you!^_^

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    I agree with your assessment. Now is the time. It is only too late for those who don't start now.
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    to those who have more shal be given those who have not more shall be taken away .

    it is written in the bible.. it is the basic of the law of attraction .

    if you are in a state of growing wealth tend to keep growing your wealth.

    wealth or the source of wealth has shifted and is shifting away from a stable job and real estate that just grows in value ..that has been the staple in the west for the past 70 years .

    so there will be fewer and fewer jobs and the pay will decline .

    but the cost of tools of production which once where only affordable to big long lasting companies are declining fast and many can afford for a few thousand what once cost millions and took hundreds to keep going .

    and ups and other shipping companies take care of the distribution in the country ..and with the net you can reach people with a small budget that it required vast sums of money spent on adds to reach with marketing to reach

    so you can make as much money and profit selling one thing as it takes a big company to sell 10 thousand ..

    every minute walmart earns 600000 dollars ..of that 34000 is profit ..

    many people working without the costs wallmart has can produce that 34000 with from 50 to 70k in earnings or less ..

    the economy will shrink as more people earn money from businesses with low overheads and shorter supply lines ..and less from normal jobs .

    and where these people a great number of choices over where they can locate long as local regulation allow ...there is a place they can ship stuff from and an internet connection ..where once you lived where the jobs within a certain travel time provided the income you needed ..and higher incomes meant higher costs of living .

    those who make things and have the tools can live pretty much where they choose .

    this provides a new dynamic humanity has not faced before ..then next thing that is going to come together being able to create fertile soil almost anywhere rapidly in the space of months ..where we have been mining soil created over thousands of years .

    so not only can people remove much of the business over head .. but also the cost of living ..

    so they may technically make/earning less money ..but living much richer lives
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      The best time to start a business is five years ago. HA! It often takes a few years for a business to become profitable. Believe me, I have succeeded and failed at owning my own restaurant.
      With that being said, you owe it to yourself to follow your dream. Living a life of few regrets is a beautiful life to me.
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    As they say, the best time to plant a tree was 10 years ago and NOW.
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    I think it is crazy that people still are not seeing the writing on the wall. Now is the time to start creating another income. You can no longer get a career and work your way off and retire from that job. Employers now over work and under pay and then they kick you to the curb when they need to make some cuts. There is no loyalty anymore. If you are still working a job you hate and just getting by what are you waiting for. Even if your job is going great why wouldn't you want to make extra money and set up another stream of income? Yes now is the time and its time to wake up because its a new world.
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