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The mind thinks many thoughts, leading us in different directions. No wonder there is so much chaos in the mind, creating traffic jams and even a few accidents!

Now imagine the state of the roads if we didn't have any traffic controlling mechanisms! So, what's needed is a traffic control system for our mind.

At regular intervals throughout the day, we need to stop and control the traffic of our minds. Change negative to positive. Where there are waste thoughts, we need to put a full stop and let them go.
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    There is a way between Past Street and Future Avenue, called Present Road. Our minds should stay on it as much as possible.

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    In my point of view you need to have a vision where you wanna go.
    Then take action (being in the now), maybe even change the route beside never take your eye off your vision and what you wanna achieve.

    "Never, Never, Never Give Up" /Winston Churchill

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    I agree, we all need to take control of out thoughts. It's so easy to just let out mind wonder and that usually never gets us anywhere good.

    We gotta take the initiative to stay focused on the positive and use our thoughts productively.

    It does take some work and sometime the process can feel like hearing a bunch of cats lol.

    But it can be done... I have found that practicing meditation and mindfulness techniques helps a lot.
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    They say practice make perfect, i disagree...it helps a bit, but visualizing your future really is the gas in your mind tank.

    What do others think???
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