A BIG Hello to the Community!

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Hey guys,

A very BIG hello to you all, just dropping a Hi to see how the community is. I was on the forums (just starting out) like many on here a year back.

In that time, I dropped off the radar after making virtually a hundred notes and ideas! All inspiration was lost (I'm sure we've ALL been there!).

Slumped back to the old job, grinding day in and day out making that little bit of bread for the table. All the while thinking back to what I was aiming for.

Sunset beaches, a walk through the winter wonderland of New York, a stroll down the California coastline. Those kinda silly dreams, that we all know can be a reality. Currently I'm working back on track on a Ebook for the internet market. But that's not why i'm here today.

Just dropping a friendly hello to all the warriors out there and looking forward to helping one and other out in those times of need!

Many Thanks, Chris
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