When is the best time to launch a WSO for maximum sales?

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Any idea?
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    Try Mon, Tues, around 6-7
    Also consider your WSO price!

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    Hi, Watch Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday Morning. Monitor the WSO forum. Have yours ready to Go. As soon as one bumps that has thousands of views and a good number of comments, hit pay and launch then "ride the wave." You will be right on top of this attention grabber until he/she bumps again.

    George Wright
    "The first chapter sells the book; the last chapter sells the next book." Mickey Spillane
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    Hey George,

    Nice tip! never even though about that

    "ride the wave" -hehehe
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    The absolute best time to launch your WSO...was exactly 30 seconds ago.

    I shouldn't have stopped at Dunkin Donuts before telling you this. My bad.
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    Best time to post a WSO, yesterday.

    How to increase sales, affiliates.

    Enough said.


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    Originally Posted by Johnson Tay View Post

    When is the best time to launch a WSO for maximum sales?
    About 5 years ago.

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    Pre 2010. I think it's getting saturated with poor quality now.

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    apparently Tuesday is best the day for the web - there is a wso with data mining data that has all the facts
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    Well,according to some books I have read, the best selling WSO are launched between Monday to Thursday. I think that is when many warrior are in a spending mood.

    Based on the days, the Launch percentages of best selling WSO was as below: Monday (15%), Tuesday (20%), Wednesday (17%), Thursday (18%), Friday (13%),Saturday 7% and Sunday (9%).

    That data can easily be collected if you take advantage of the WarriorPlus.

    So you can plan within those days for maximum sales.


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    Paul Barrs did an amazing amount of research on what makes a successful WSO, I mean he spent an ungodly amount of time doing research on the subject.

    (I don't get anything for recommending his product, and he and I do not know each other)


    As a matter of fact, I think I'll write a review on it in the appropriate place in this forum over the weekend.

    Good luck!

    Dave Maschke


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    Originally Posted by Johnson Tay View Post

    Any idea?
    Yes,when people are buying.

    Read A Post.
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      The sooner you launch a WSO, the sooner people can start buying it.

      That was true in 2009 when this thread started, and it's still true now ...
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