What Did You Do While WF Was Down ?

by Dave d
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At first I panicked, then I googled it. Then I found out and accepted it was down so I went through a lot of Kim Roach's material that I have and it blew my mind amazing.
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    Kim Roach is amazing. I've been reading her for a while.

    Founder of JVZoo. All around good guy :)

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    I thought I have spyware and I run full Malwarebytes scan!!!
    Then I saw this

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    I kept refreshing this site and visiting downforeveryoneorjustme

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    Lol I did what I always do, make money
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    Thanks travistate
    Handy site (downforeveryoneorjustme), I've bookmarked it as well!
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    This was the strangest day -

    Started at 4:00am PDT with a black helicopter flying around and around and around for over an hour shining a flood light on the water below me - still don't know if a boat was lost or what the heck they were looking for.

    Then I get up and the cable has gone down - that is TV, phone and Internet. Then I went back to bed.

    Get up and about an hour later the electricity went off for two hours.

    When it came back on I can't get into the forum, and then the cable went down again - only the internet this time.

    For 6 hours I called Comcrap and the recording said they know they have a problem in my area - and hang on.

    Finally I got sick of hearing it and rebooting so I called again and got a tech. 'Oh it is back up - are you still down?'

    Took about an hour of disconnecting and reconnecting this cable and that router and on and on to have both wireless and cable.

    Finally get back on and viola, the Warrior Forum is back!

    Please God don't make tomorrow anything like today.

    p.s. thanks for the cool link. wish it would tell you WHY WHAT and HOW something is down....
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    when I discovered the forum was down, I just got on with work. I
    knew it would come back shortly, so passed for the day.

    WF is a great place to hang out.. but my God, I have to quit
    otherwise no work every gets done by me.

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    It's a good thing I know something about how HTTP works. It was AMAZING! two TOTALLY separate computers, two TOTALLY separate networks, the computer was UP, but REFUSED to allow me to see anything. FOR a DAY!!!!!!!!!! I was starting to doubt myself, and think I was somehow banned. 8-(

    After all, why did it take a whole DAY to get it up?

    Oh well, I found other things to do.

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