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Hi everyone,

I've been "dabbling" for quite a while. After being distracted by a J.O.B. and having to be put on blood pressure medicine and having it rise again, enough dabbling! I'm in the process of setting up a written and video PLR site. I just devoured Tiffany Dow's PLR ATM course and am hyped. I look forward to meeting, greeting and learning
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    Welcome to the Warrior Forums! Have fun!
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    Hi Tracy!
    Welcome to the forums and sorry for your situation...
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    Welcome Tracy! Glad to see you're getting started with videos right away.
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    Welcome to WF, I am sure you will find a wealth of knowledge here. Now lets get to work :-)
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      Hello Tracy and welcome to WF. Enjoy the ride!
      I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.
      'Invictus' - William Ernest Henley
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    Thanks everyone. To Mario3-since I quit the J.O.B. my blood pressure is back down. I never want to experience that kind of stress again. I'd rather be struggling and healthy than working and sick. Here's to never working for a jerk again! Can I get a big AMEN?
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    Welcome aboard

    Be Kind
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    Welcome aboard and don't worry about distractions they happen, just get back on the horse.
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    Welcome to this great forum.

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    I'm guessing that introduction posts must be made in the off topic forum, or they get moved there

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    most welcome dear. and you get more beyond your imagination. best luck for future
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    Welcome to the community. Hope you enjoy your stay, See you around.
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    welcome the warrior forums and you can hope fro the cooperation from us. Its good to see you here.
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    Hi Tracy,

    Welcome. I'm new here, too and actually not too far from you either. I'm in north Florida not far from FL/Ga border. Yes, I love the change in the weather, a subtle change, but a change none-the-less.

    I'm a student of Tiffany's,too. Her PLR ATM course is excellent and I'm excited about getting my PLR site up live.

    Good luck with your BP problems. I left behind my nursing career of 20 years to come home full time 3 years ago - and love it! I definitely love being a Nanapreneur... LOL

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    Hi Tracy,

    I'm Cindy and I'm new to posting, and also using Tiffany's PRL ATM course. It's an awesome course!

    As Cindy above said, good luck with your BP problems. It's cool *meeting* everyone here!
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        Great to have you on board Tracy.

        Stay focused and organised and you will be on your way to success.
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    Hello Tracy, glad to see you on board, welcome!! See you around

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    most welcome, you get more here beyond your imagination thank and have a nice time
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    Hi - good to hear some others working on/with Tiff's plratm course. Me too. Nice to meet you all
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    Take it from a guy that's had two (relatively minor) heart attacks following an increasing blood pressure ... kick your doctor in the butt until he gets it under control. Doctors often just medicate you and send you home. The medication should work pretty fast. If not, get a full checkup.
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    Welcome Tracy!
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    Welcome to the warriors room, I have heard so many great things about Warriors Forum. One great thing is here you will learn alot of knowledge that will enable you to achieve great things. Great success to you.
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