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As with Guy the Gorilla this is a true story, I know - I was there!!

Way back in 1970 I was a barman at The Little Mayfair Hotel in Down Street Mayfair.

One day a really weird thing happened.

A little rabbit complete with waistcoat, trousers and a monocle walked in and climbed up a barstool.
'Hello everybody, my name is Peter Rabbit, Earl of Green Park and I am the richest rabbit in London, drinks all round.'
He threw a wad of banknotes onto the bar and I checked to see if they were real, they were.
'Well everybody, I hear that you do splendid toasted sandwiches, I want another pint of bitter and a cheese and pickle toasted sandwich please barman.'

I served him, he wolfed it down.

'Another pint of bitter and a chicken curry toasted sandwich please barman'

I served him and he wolfed it down.

'Isn't this fun, drinks all round, and another pint for me and this time a bannana split toasted sandwich please barman.'

He wolfed it down and then grabbed at his throat and fell dead to the ground.

Patrician, no crying girl, it has a happy ending!

We buried him in the pub garden and said a few words over his little grave and went back to the bar to hold a wake with his money!!

Within minutes the ghost of Peter Rabbit appeared on the same barstool!!!

'Hello everybody, thanks for the funeral and kind words'

I asked the question

'Did our beer kill you, it is a bit rough!'

'Oh no dear chap, I died of 'mixing me toasties'

Well it's old but quietly amusing!

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