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I know that this is the Warrior Forum and mostly everyone here do affiliate marketing but are any of you interested in network marketing?
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    Looks like it: a search just for threads with "MLM" in their titles brings up 108 results ...
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    Yes, I do MLM too. All my businesses are online. My niche is internet marketing, so it all goes together,.
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    Yes dear,
    I did network marketing for 7 months.
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    I do MLM and I LOVE IT!
    “The ultimate reason for setting goals is to entice you to become the person it takes to achieve them”― Jim Rohn
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    I make 10 Time More with my MLM than my IM efforts ... MY opinion is IM is great for up front cash ... real great actually! BUT I have built sevral long term residule incomes in the MLM World using my IM as a lead generator... it's funny that most IMer's are turned off by MLM for some reason ... where it is really just a SUPER affiliate program that keeps paying!

    My TWO cents...

    - Mark
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      I am interested in network marketing. My business has a NM opportunity as well as direct sales only.

      Shana C. Bates, RN ND Nursepreneur

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    Currently it is a work highly profitable. I appreciate it.
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    Network Marketing is my primary source of income. If you find the right system, and get the right training, insane amounts of money can be made.

    I agree with what Mark said.
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    I receive a check in the mail each and every week from an Network Marketing program that I am in. I am also a team leader. You may find more people in Network Marketing here than you think.
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    I love the marketing for the pleasure of interacting with fellow marketers and get his confidence..
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    I am interested to network marketing too but i know little about it.
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    My direct marketing business makes me more than affiliate marketing. I focus more energy into to it as one sale can earn me $5,000
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    it plays an important role for seo and smo as well.
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    I would love to create passive income from affiliate marketing but with every struggle I have it just keeps showing me how much more effective my network marketing business is.

    If you're going to get started in it make sure its a product or service youre interested in. Im involved in a service. Im not a salesman so I just dont have it in me to convince friends and family to pay for my products because they are better and they need them. The economy is bad enough. Convincing people to spend additional money outside of their existing budget is a tough sell.
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